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  • I have known Corri English most of my life.

    I have known Corri English for a very long time. To the person who called her a "Spoiled Brat", you are obviously very jealous of her success. I think you should get a life and your facts straight. Corri did not attend Cross Keys High School -- where did you get that from? Are you sure you know her?

    Corri is one of the sweetest, most talented people I have ever met. She goes out of her way to be nice to everyone. If you ask anyone who REALLY KNOWS her, they will tell you the same.

    I can't wait to see the new show Corri will be on and any other projects that she appears in.

    Congratulations on your success, Corri!!! Way to go!!

  • Corri is a beautiful person

    I read one of the other reviews calling Corri a spoiled brat. This person said they\'ve known Corri for years and wrote her real last name as Englishby (more than once). It\'s actually Englisby (which one can easily find on You\'d think someone that knew a person for years could spell their name right. But aside from this minor error, the entire review seemed vague and aimed soley at discrediting Corri rather than actually telling a story. Moreover, it seemed like it was written by someone in their early teens due to the grammatical structure. I personally believe it was all made up just for the sake of being mean.

    I wrote Corri several years ago and she wrote me back. Someone as busy as she is would find it very tedious to write fans back, but she took the time to do so anyways. It was a very sweet and thoughtful reply which I believe accurately reflects her character.
  • This girl is not a good person back in her school days.

    I pray that Corri and her family read this testimonial because this is how me and the rest of her childhood peers feel about her til now:

    I have known this girl since Elementary school and I must say that she does not deserve any recognition. Her name is not even Corri English. Her real name is Corri Englishby. Her mother tried to get her and her sister, Katie Englishby into show business starting with the popular kids tv morning show Kids R The Beat back in the 80's. That was probably why they took out the "by" at the end of their last name because they wanted to sound very American-like.

    I first knew this spoiled brat Corri in Woodward Elementary in Chamblee, GA. She is not a nice person at all. Corri and her friends used to use their Hallway Patrol status to pick on everyone that they thought didn't look up to their standards. She have always looked down on everyone and even worst to people she feels competitive towards.

    In Crosskeys High School, she was even more disliked by her peers and I. She always had to be the center of attention because afterall, her mom had set her up to be a spoiled child star. She didn't know it, but behind her back, she was known as Three-Finger Corri amongst the football team.

    Then, as if I didn't get enough of her bad attitude, I just had to bump into her again at UGA!!! What a small world! I knew better than to be in her path again. I just feel bad about all the people she had to step on along the way to stardom.

    There are countless of stories 'bout this foul so-called seeking actress, but I will leave it up to the rest of her school peers to step up to the plate like me and tell it all.