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    • Cory:(On how he knew he wanted to act) It actually found me. I was at a loose end, and someone suggested that it would be something that I should take a look at, and pretty much offered me free acting classes. On a whim, I was so like "this might be cool", I was skeptical at first. I don't really see myself doing community theatre, so I really don't know why I would take acting classes, you know what I mean? I was 20, and it just sort of jumped in my lap, I just ran into someone who knew an acting teacher and he referred me to classes. It was suggested to me that I had potential and if I were to pursue it, then I could probably be successful. I had nothing else going on in my life whatsoever at that point; I was a roofer, I was a cab driver. I was doing nothing, right, so I just completely pursued it. I just moved to Vancouver to pursue it.