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    When are you returning. Please come back. it isn't the same without you.
  • ZIVA we need her.

    PRODUCERS, Please try hard to bring Ziva back on show. I have nothing against Bishop but she IS NOT ZIVA in any way. The show is not so good with out Ziva. She is so great to watch and makes the show great. I lose interest in show unless show is in It. Please get her back.

    bring ziva back. she is very nice and she looks good very good with tony. the serie whitout her isnt the same. please bring her back. ZIVA ZIVA
  • Where is Ziva?

    Please bring Ziva back!!!! What is so special are the characters, the humor, and the relationships between them. The stories are usually very good too. We don't want to lose Ziva. Bring her back.
  • WHAT ZIVA BACK!!!!!!!!

    THE show is not very good anymore. Do not like The new lady. ( Bishop). She doesn't have what it takes. Ziva is just The perfect fit. I will watch NCIS when Ziva comes back. Please bring her back. You were wrong to let her go.
  • VIVA LA ZIVA !!!!

  • Ziva David role in NCIS

    No one will ever be able to take her place in the show, no matter how hard they try no one will fill the role that Cote de Pablo plays , they just will not fit in. I hope this is a temporary move .

    Hope to see Ziva back !!!
  • Sorry to see you go!!

    You are the reason this show is so popular. You make the chemistry between the Nose, Gibbs and Magee ( spelled wrong) . If you made this decision, you are making a mistake, if the Network made it. They are really making a huge you return to the show..
  • What does CBS have to say about Cote de Pablo leaving the show?

    I feel that Cote's departure is a huge mistake and I believe that CBS should make a statement and let her fans know why she is no longer in NCIS.
  • Best Lady on TV

    I just love Ziva on NCIS, and so wish she were staying. I am so curious about her leaving, if it is her choice or if they let her go. I cannot imagine them letting her go, as she makes the show. I did a like everytime you asked on facebook, and wish there were enough people out there who liked the show and her.
  • Great Name

    Love her name, her looks and everything else. Can't say enough about her toughness and tenderness all wrapped up in one. She rocks
  • omg & wow


    Cote de Pablo is the most beautiful woman on TV, if not in the world! I'm in love.
  • Sexy Ziva

    I find Cote very Sexy. She was born in Santiago, Chile on November 12, 1979.

    Any other info on her can be found on this web page , so have a look.
  • I love Cote

    Cote de Pablo is suc ha unique character because of her past experiences. I love her so much I TIVA is just amazing!
  • Where is Cote from...?

    Cote's character is very cool. Wish I could have the same training she had on the show from her dad.
  • A unique look

    She is one of those women I kind of admire, because she has a drive for what she does... and that is acting as well as being a superhero on NCIS. I was immediately drawn to her character when she came on screen, she's sharp, edgy, but very humble, somewhat tomboyish look, but is feminine and caring. I can't really figure her out yet, but I don't think I need to. She's her own actress.
  • Favorite Actress

    Cote de Pablo, you are my favorite actress-ever! Ziva is also my favorite character on NCIS. She has a unique way of seeing things thanks to her background as a Mossad assassin. I hope that Ziva never EVER leaves NCIS. Oh, and TIVA, don't even get me started...I love it soooooo much. It drives me crazy that the writes don't do any more episodes like Under Covers. Don't get me wrong, I love the lines exchanged by TIVA on any given episode but another under cover assignment would be...amazing!!!!!!!!!
  • I love Cote So much a very tallented actress she plays her role great but i still think that bellisaro should get Ziva and tony to fall in love with each other.

    Ziva is my fav. out of all of the characters in the NCIS. I love the way she comes to NCIS as an assasan and now she is a almost kind and loving person not fighting to win all of her battels. She has become a very big part in the seires and i hope she will stay for the remainder of the whole thing. As well as Micheal W. Ziva and tony should fall in love and get married also she should not go back to mosad (dont know if i spelt that right) She is a wonderful actress and I love Her sooooooo much.
  • Cote Rocks!!!

    We just love her character. She is strong, funny, sexy and beautiful. She makes all females proud. We can't wait until the new season starts.
    She kicks butt. I hope to see more of the sexually packed tension between Tony and Ziva this season. My niece loves how the Ziva character is powerful, and smart. I have got her hooked on the show. I am so glad to see her character do more stuff without her brother interfering in her job. I enjoy her interaction with Abby last season as well as 2 strong characters but getting to be close friends.
  • Cote De Pablo is awesome! She is perfect for NCIS - Love her character and no one can do it like she does! She's the whole package! The show has done nothing but get better and better with every show... #1

    She is perfect for NCIS - Love her character and no one can do it like she does! She's the whole package! The show has done nothing but get better and better with every show...NCIS is #1 - I give Cote De Pablo a 100 on a scale of 1 to 10! She is a great talent and an asset to the show! This was one LONG summer waiting for the "team" to "save DIVA". No one could fill her shoes on this show!!! I watch re-runs over and over and I never get bored! The only thing that would make it better is if there were more shows! I could watch it non-stop!
  • Dude It's Time

    It's time atlease a kiss or something between Cote de Pablo character and Michael Weatherly character.I like her character the tough lady.Her charactor kick butt and take names kind of girl and she can hang with boys.What does Michael Weatherly character Tony got do to get a real kiss;Tony went over there to get her and she kiss him on the cheek.Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo characters are a good tv couple.Stop playing with Tony heart and a real kiss not a brotherly kiss,Tony save you. So help a brother out an give some sugar would you.Don,t fight it you know you like Tony.
  • Officer David has notched up her value to the show after the unfolding of events in the first two shows. Cannot wait to see the season unfold. Great suspense and delivery of closings in these two shows.

    Somebody is doing something right. The mental level for David's character absolutely made the first two shows. Whether De Pablo or Belisario should get the most credit I know not. In her scenes with Tony and Gibbs she excels! Great job I am hooked!

    The first show of the season what action and the good guys win but the thinking that evolves between David and eveyone is striking. The reason Eli sent his daughter to Northern Africa now comes into greater question and will watch to see how it plays out. I suspect Eli was using Ari and Michael and Ziva but hate to be pre judging his intentions until more come out.

    Keep up the good work. This is the only show on CBS I watch though - the liberal slant on everything else is distasteful.
  • I love Cote De Pablo's character. She kicks major butt. If I was them I would be happy she's on my side.

    I love Cote De Pablo's character. She kicks major butt. If I was them I would be happy she's on my side. Her acting skills are great. I love it when she try's to make certin coments and gets them wrong. Example: I smelt fish! Makes her character so real. And the tension between her and Tony (Micheal) is so real feeling. Like in the season finale I really felt she wanted to kill Tony (Micheal). She does a great job on the show. I liked Kate, but Cote De Pablo really brings something to the team. couldn't imagine the show with out her.
  • I love her character, she's really good. She's one tough lady. I really love this show. NCS is #1

    Cote de Pablo is one of the most taleted and goregous lady on television. I think I would like to meet her one day and talked to her. Makes me wish I was 30 years old again. God Bless and Happy 30th birthday Cote. You are awesome. Cote de pablo is smart, talented and I bet she could play any character on television. I think she's was totally hot in that blue dress playing a singer at bar. She's one gifted lady. I'm a fan of the best show on Televsion ands a fan of this talented actress. TSA 1
  • Cote de Pablo is the brilliantly talented actress who plays Ziva David on NCIS.

    Cote de Pablo; wow! That is how you can describe her. She is amazingly talented on NCIS as the Mossad officer who works with NCIS, Ziva David. She is absolutly stunning. She is an extremely talented actress, and she has a beautiful singing voice. She is my idol! Seriously, she is absolutly amazing. She is probably one of the most talented people I have ever seen. On NCIS, she brings even more comedy to the already hillarious show, with the potrayal of her character, Ziva David. She truely makes people believe she really can kill a person 18 ways with a paperclip! Cote de Pablo is amazing, so much talent... So much...
  • Love her!

    Hope to not lose her in the show this fall. Her character with Tony is really excellent. I would hate to see a split in the NCIS team if they failed to bring her back. She has this unusual way of presenting herself that is really unique. I love it. Plus she will have to come back and explain why her father did what he did to her by having Michael come to the U.S. and get involved with so many of the NCIS cases and not letting anyone know except for the director. Can't wait to see the fall shows.
  • I only have "Ziva" to go by...

    ...and I do like the character. But she's not "Kate.

    I think the background they have given "Ziva" is unique, and the potential back-stories we are beginning to get a glimpse of are really interesting...even though she's not "Kate".

    I think Cote has done a more than admirable job of filling a character slot that was, in my opinion, a tough spot to fill...because she's not "Kate".

    I haven't warmed to "Ziva" the way I did to "Kate" but the character is still a kick-A lady...just like "Kate".

    And while she's not a warm and cuddly, "lets-meet-in a-dark-alley" personality, she does pass the ultimate litmus test: "Abbey" likes her. That's good enough for me.

    She doesn't have to be; shouldn't be, "Kate"...
  • Cote de Pablo is the single reason that I want to do anything in my life

    She is the most underrated and talented woman in TV. Period. No acceptions. She is the Kate Winslet of the small screen. Ziva David is an awesome character, carried beautfiully by Cote's talent. If Cote ever leaves NCIS I will be utterly shattered and will die a little inside however I will be happy when she moves on to bigger and better things (Like you could get anything better than NCIS... But she could get into the Big Screen).

    Cote de Pablo is amazing. 100% brilliant. I adore this woman. Her chemistry and humour lightens the show. Tiva for the '09.
  • She is perfect for her fantastic characters!

    She is simply fantastic. Thanks for the show (absolutely my favourite) and for her character. Cote is really amazing, faboulous, beautiful, lovely and plays perfectly her character. She is a fantastic and a very good actress (in my opinion the best they could have), I love deeply her and I would like to meet her but I know it will be impossible (I'm Italian). I'm really excited about the 6th season and I'm waiting for it in Italy as soon as possible (I would like to see several Tiva moments...). Anyway congratulations again for the show and to all other great actors. Hoping to never see the end of this show....ciao.
    P.S. Sorry for my english....
  • She is amazing!!! I love watching NCIS because, of the cast. She spices things up. She is not a girly girl which katie was and I like ziva much better for the show.

    Wow what a women Ziva can be... Amazing you can't ask for a better cast. Cote plays a powerful women and that is what we need more of in this world. Not girly girls don't get me wrong you can be a women and powerful. She plays a great charater. Thank you for a great show. Keep up the hard work... She keeps you guessing in the show and she holds herself as a badass which I like. My husband and I love the show even more that you have joined the cast. We like you beter for the part on NCIS.
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