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  • a great actress, on the shows that she has been on.

    Vaughn began entertaining at the age of three where she sang in her native Idabel, Oklahoma, church. She remembers listening to gospel great Mahalia Jackson, jazz/blues great Dinah Washington and R&B/pop diva Whitney Houston, each becoming an important influence on the emerging young songstress. At age nine, her soulful rendition of the Bacharach/David classic What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love resulted in her being named the Star Search junior vocalist champion and overall junior champion. And last year, Vaughn was honored with a NAACP Image Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance in Moesha.
  • Countess Vaughn is a great actress and I would love to meet her someday. She seems to be a really cool person to hang with. Eventually one day I could possibly do a show with her.

    When I watch, "The Parkers" I can't help myself but to laugh at both Countess Vaughn and Mo'Nique. They are really talented and I would like to meet them both. Hopefully I could be an extra or play a role in a future show that they will do. I can watch "The Parkers" all day if I wanted to but I can't. Thanks you guys for making that show, it is a real hit.
  • she's super swell!

    countess may not be movie star pretty but she certainly exudes an aura of sophistication. I cannot help but burst into laughter when watching her antics on famous show \\\"The Parkers\\\" they are priceless! i think she\\\'s the best. Her perfomance on sitcom Moesha was also outstanding. I\\\'ve got to hand it to you Kim you certainly know what ur doing. You go girl!!
  • Hi,my name is Cubby St Charles,Im a former lead singer for Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes,I now reside in Chester,Pa.I am one of Countess Vaughns biggest fans from the first time I saw her on tv,and loved her eversince.And when I saw her on Celebr

    On Celebrity Fit Club that sister blew my mind and I don't care what anyone say she has a beautiful face and body and a beautiful spirit.
    The man if he is one who ever gets her would be truly blessed just having someone as fine and sexy as she is in their life,I know I would.So Ms Vaughn keep on keeping on no matter what people say and may God bless you always.
    With Much Love & Respect
    Warm Wishes Your Biggest & #1 Fan
    Cubby St Charles
    484-325 -0286 or
  • What an awesome and inspirational lady!

    I think Countess Vaughn is such a true lady. I love seeing her on Celebrity Fit Club. Although she didn't lose the weight she wanted to lose, I believe that by helping her inner self and helping to raise her self-esteem, the healing inside will help her to later heal her outside. I wish I could give her a big hug and tell her in person that I think she's one of the most real, sincere, sweetest people I've ever seen on TV. Please do not lose yourself and keep up the great work and keep working on healing your hurt. Don't let it turn you bitter, you are above that. You are so gorgeous, both inside and out and I'm so glad you have had some help from Celebrity Fit Club. God Bless you, lady!!!!