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1/1/1991, San Francisco, California

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Counting Crows is a rock band that became extremely popular in 1993 following the release of their debut album "August and Everything After" featuring the hit song "Mr. Jones." The band was formed by singer Adam Duritz and guitarist David Bryson in San Francisco in 1991. Counting Crows…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Their third album This Desert Life was released on November 2, 1999.

    • Counting Crows first started out as an acoustic duo.

    • On April 23, 1994 their song Mr. Jones hit number 1 on the American Top 40 chart.

    • In 2003 they went on tour with John Mayer and Maroon 5.

    • In 2006 they went on tour with Goo Goo Dolls.

    • The band got their name from an old English nursery rhyme.

    • This is Counting Crows's discography.
      August and Everything After-1993
      Recovering The Satellites-1996
      This Desert Life-1999
      Hard Candy-2002
      Films of Ghosts

    • They are an alternative rock band.

    • "August and Everything After" was certified 7 times platinum in October 1996.

    • At their June 21, 2006 concert in Portland, Oregon, Adam Duritz said the song "Goodnight Elisabeth" was 'written about a girl from Lake Oswego who ruined me.'

    • Shawn Hunter, a character on the ABC comedy Boy Meets World, is said to be a fan of Counting Crows.

    • Band members Adam Duritz and David Immerglück have performed a radio show known as "The Devil and The Bunny Show" in various countries while touring with the Crows.

    • Lead singer Adam Duritz wrote the song Mrs. Potters Lullaby, found in their third studio album 'This Desert Life' about actress Monica Potter. He dated her during the mid 90's.

    • Counting Crows were Oscar nominated for best song for "Accidentally In Love" from the animated movie Shrek 2. They performed the song live at the 2005 Academy Awards.

    • Lead singer Adam Duritz dated Friends actresses Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston during the early 90's.

    • Counting Crows used outside collaborators to good effect on their album "Hard Candy." Among the most notable cameos are Ryan Adams contributing vocals and lyrics to the wistful waltz "Butterfly In Reverse," Jerry Hey delivering a rich flugelhorn solo to the melancholy "Carriage," and Sheryl Crow adding her distinctive voice to the groove-happy first single "American Girls."

    • The band members have been avid fans of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series of comic books. Some of their songs ('Murder of One,' 'Angels of the Silences') have heavy references to the books.

    • The band's songs have been used in many motion pictures including Clueless (1995) ("The Ghost In You"), Rounders (1998) ("Baby, I'm A Big Star Now"), Cruel Intentions (1999) ("Colorblind"), Mr. Deeds (2002) ("Goin' Down to New York Town"), Two Weeks Notice (2002) ("Big Yellow Taxi") and Shrek 2 (2004) ("Accidentally in Love").

    • Members have included David Immerglück, David Bryson, Matthew Malley, Adam Duritz, Dan Vickrey, Charles Gillingham, Jim Bogios.

  • Quotes

    • Adam Duritz: Art is just an expression, it's something you do because you need to express yourself. You take what's going on on the inside and put it on the outside, that's just who you are. I just write songs because I feel a certain way. When you've got a bunch of them, that's an album. They're all different.

    • Adam Duritz: All my songs are where I am.