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Courtland Mead


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  • The Last Round Up

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 22 - 5/23/00

    Sorenson stops by the hospital waiting room and tells Sipowicz that the Kirkendall situation is heating up. Fancy talks with Russell about Kirkendall's situation. He tells her that the job knows. Medavoy has an accident in the kitchen with the refrigerator door. Diane and Jill have a loud discussion and Diane tells her that she is out of time. Jill leaves, taking her last "lost time" ever. Theo undergoes his bone marrow test while Medavoy and Jones commiserate about the fact that they sometimes don't feel included in all the activity going on around the squad. Sorenson meets with Sipowicz at the hospital, to find out how Theo is doing and to ask advice about the mechanics of disposing of a body if the need arose, not that he is looking for that solution to the Don Kirkendall situation. Russell meets with Denby and she spots that IAB is following him. Theo results come in; he may have leukemia or his bone marrow may just have shut down temporarily as a result of a virus. Sorenson meets with Martens to find out where IAB is with their investigation. He then confides some details to Medavoy and Jones, who are now in the loop. Sorenson plans on grabbing Don Kirkendall and he wants them to grab Denby, meanwhile Diane takes care of Jill. Meanwhile, Sipowicz has a few choice words for the man upstairs. Diane meets with Jill who tells her that Don has been keeping their son Frank captive somewhere. Fancy asks Jones, whether or not he is ready to be a part of the something that is about to go down. The Sorenson plan begins execution; the squad grabs Denby and Don Kirkendall. Diane takes Jill and Kyle into hiding. Sorenson finds out where Frank Kirkendall is being kept. Meanwhile, Fancy has IAB waiting at the squad for Denby and Kirkendall. Danny gives the whereabouts of Frank to Diane who gives the information to Jill. She also advises Jill to go and get her son and not to come back; she also gives her Bobby's ring as a reminder for the time when Don will try reaching out to her again. Andy and Theo have a moment together as we fade to black.moreless
  • A Hole in Juan

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 2 - 1/18/00

    Kyle Kirkendall receives his first communion and just outside the church, Sipowicz and Sorenson spot a surveillance van. At the squad Danny talks with Mary Franco who is about to see the captain about her possibly being transferred to the anti-crime unit. Sipowicz is informed that the surveillance team is watching Don Kirkendall who's been delivering packages from Peru. He tells Diane who feels compelled to tell Jill, who isn't receptive to the information and feels that Diane has that "I told you so" air about her. Sipowicz and Sorenson help a probation officer get one of his clients to give himself some protection against some his former running buddies who've harassed him. It looks bad for him when later that morning one of his old buddies is found dead and he is convinced that he is going to be convicted of the crime. A woman at the scene of the crime later comes to the squad in a search of a reward for her information. Meanwhile, Russell and Kirkendall reluctantly work together to investigate the death of baby whose mother is a working girl who had left her baby in the care of a transsexual for a few hours that turned into a few days. Jill tells Don that he can't see the boys anymore and warns him about the fact that he is under surveillance.moreless
  • Leave It to Weaver

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 1 - 9/30/99

    Season Premiere: Multiple traumas come to the ER after a truck crashes into a coffee bar, narrowly missing a very pregnant Carol. Romano becomes Chief of Staff when Anspaugh announces his retirement. Weaver becomes even more unpopular when she is appointed permanent Chief of the ER by Romano. When she becomes engaged to Reggie, Jeanie decides she wants to adopt an HIV-positive baby. Two new staff members are introduced: Luka Kovac, a Croatian doctor moonlighting in the ER; and Cleo Finch, a pediatric resident in the ER. The ER is thrown into chaos when a patient pulls the fire alarm.moreless
  • Grime Scene

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 9 - 1/5/99

    Kirkendall's son, Kyle, is the only known witness to a stabbing. Russell, Sorenson and Sipowicz begin work to find another witness or a confession from a suspect (when they find one) to help keep Kyle from having to keep reliving this event in a courtroom. Sylvia begins working with Sgt. Dornan on investigating the Suarez case. They interview a man inside who points them to the person responsible for putting Suarez in jail and his subsequent murder. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Martinez investigate a homicide where an informant on an old case may be the key suspect. Dolores implores John to help her find out her status with Fancy, she doesn't seem to want to face him or the detectives. With Sipowicz meeting with Sylvia and Dornan about the Suarez matter, Russell and Sorenson find a suspect in the stabbing. With their cases down, Russell joins Sorenson, Medavoy and Martinez after work in a bar. Sorenson expresses curiosity on whether Russell drinks or not, after she almost takes a beer that Medavoy has left. Instead, she stops off at a liquor store to pick up a bottle of her own.

  • Vengeance Is Mine (1)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 2 - 9/27/98

    As the one year anniversary of Joe's tragic car accident approaches, the Greene family is in Springville. After seeing Joe depart for Turkey where he is intent on working, Russell is eager to get back on the road while Claire has a sense that she has work still to do in Springville. As strange letters begin to arrive for Joe, Claire volunteers to teach reading on death row at the local prison and meets Darlene, a young woman convicted of killing a man while on a drug-crazed binge. As Claire and Dinah try to help Darlene come to terms with her daughter and mother before she is executed, the angels learn that the letters to Joe have been sent by Sondra Mills, who is abusing alcohol and neglecting her son, Matthew, in the aftermath of her husbands death at Joe's hand. Tess works as an efficiency consultant at Sondra's office and tries to convince her to stop drinking and face her grief but Sandra is soon fired drinking on the job. Meanwhile, Monica is Matthew's teacher and tries to help him as hie mother's drinking problem worsens. As the date of Darlene's execution approaches, Claire and Dinah convince her of the need to reconcile with her daughter and mother. Much less able to deal with her own grief, Sandra ignores the pleas of Monica and continues to drink and Matthew is near fatally wounded in a gas explosion. Sandra then writes another threatening letter to Joe Greene. Part one concludes as Sandra kidnaps Nathaniel at gun point, threatening to kill if her own son does not survive the explosion.moreless
  • The Young and the Meatless

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 18 - 2/19/97

    Jamie has a beef with his conscience when he's offered a job as spokesperson for a hamburger joint right after agreeing to become a vegetarian, in order to impress Fancy.