Courtney Halverson

Courtney Halverson


6/14/1989, Fountain Valley, CA, USA

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Courtney Halverson lives in Southern California with her parents, her sister and their pets, including a dog, a parakeet and a bunny. A natural redhead with sparkling green eyes, Courtney has always had a passion for acting. Her introduction to show business came at an early age through…more


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    • She was the voiceover host for Disney Channel's 'So Hot Summer' series "Check This Kid Out!" (2005).

    • Courtney graduated high school at age 15 and is attending college.

    • She appeared in the music video for Syd Matters: "To All Of You".

    • Courtney has appeared in national commercials for Girls And Boys Town and Al-Anon.

    • Courtney appeared in the Stevie Wonder music video "So What The Fuss" which is the first descriptive music video. A landmark in music history, the new clip contains a second, descriptive audio track, recorded by hip hop star Busta Rhymes, to be made accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.

    • Courtney received an award at CARE 2005 and CARE 2006, a red carpet event recognizing child actors for their positive contributions to society and to the entertainment industry - Universal Studios Hollywood, California

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