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Courtney Murphy

Courtney Murphy

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  • Courtney Murphy 3rd Place Finalist on Australian Idol 2004.

    Courtney Murphy is certainly one of the most talented and original singers, who should have been in the final 2 of Australian Idol. His versatility to sing the different genres of music is amazing!

    Courtney Murphy has a voice that can best be described as being a mixture of Bryan Addams, Meatloaf, Smokie and a few others. So I suppose one could say his voice is gravelly and throaty. Good enough to cause one's body to tingle when listening to him sing.

    He will be releasing his debut album before the end of the year and I for one cannot wait to hear it. For those of you interested in hearing his unique voice, please feel free to visit his Official Website www.courtneymurphymp3.com where you can listen to every song he sang on Australian Idol as well as all the songs performed on his "Musical Challenges" on Perth radio station 92.9 FM and some from his band Murphy's Lore.

    Courtney writes most of his own songs and is also an incredible keyboard player as well as possessing an amazing voice. Definitely a talent to watch out for in the future. The guy just rocks! Bring on the album!moreless