Cowboy Troy

Cowboy Troy


12/18/1970, Victoria, TX USA

Birth Name

Troy Coleman


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    • Cowboy Troy: I started jumping up on stages in clubs back in '89 and '90 back in college, and it got to the point where people wanted me to make appearances whenever I could. Getting up in front of people wasn't the hard part.

    • Cowboy Troy: I'm not going to apologize for my music, because this is who I am. I didn't just wake up one morning, put on a cowboy hat and get a gig rapping on a country album. You don't do something for 15 years on a lark.

    • Cowboy Troy: When you start writing your own songs, you tend to draw upon those experiences, whatever they may be, and put those together and make a hodge-podge, almost, of music. That's where the idea of hick-hop comes from. When you see a dance floor get packed with cowboys and cowgirls whenever a Nelly or Ludacris song comes on, you know there's a place for it. It's not just my friends in the 'hood listening to it, it's my friends out in the sticks listening to it as well. It's the kind of thing I'm drawn to and draw upon to make my music the best it can be.

    • Cowboy Troy: You're not going to be able to really classify it in the sense of saying it's this or that. It's going to be an amalgamation of a bunch of different things. I grew up listening to Charlie Daniels and Jerry Reed and Kenny Rogers, and you incorporate that with ZZ Top and KISS and Boston and The Eagles and then you fold in the rap aspects of Run DMC and LL Cool J.