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    This is my review of Crahan Denton. Crahan Denton was a Television,Film and stage actor. He was a really talented actor.He played as Walter Cunningham in "To Kill A MockingBird",played as Hecky in the film "The Parent Trap" not the one that has Lindsay Lohan in it the old 1961 film. And he even was Jesse in the film "Hud". He was an actor since around the 1940's or late 1930's. In 1966 Crahan Denton died of a heart attack in Piedmont,California USA.But he will always be remembered in the movies and in our hearts forever and ever. Crahan Denton was born 20 March,Washington,USA and died 4 December,Piedmont,California,USA. Crahan Denton you are one of my HEROS!