Craig Charles

Craig Charles


7/11/1964, Liverpool, England

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Craig Charles


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Craig's career began at the age of 12 when he won the Guardian Poetry Award. The runner up was 33 years old! He performed as a warm-up act for various bands in Liverpool, and made his TV debut performing his poetry on Riverside and Wogan. Nowadays he is…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1994, Craig and a friend were arrested and remanded in custody for several months on a rape charge, after his ex-girlfriend accused them of gang rape and indecent assault. At their trial the following year, the prosecution suggested that Craig had taken cocaine prior to the alleged rape; Craig denied this accusation. Both Craig and his friend were exonerated at the trial in February 1995, and the alleged rape victim later withdrew her claim. Craig's imprisonment delayed the production of the seventh season of Red Dwarf.

    • Craig's younger brother, Emile once appeared on Red Dwarf, playing a younger version of Lister in the episode titled Timeslides.

    • In 1997, Craig co-write and starred in thirteen episodes of the late night chat show The Funky Bunker.

    • In 1996, Craig played a dramatic role in Lynda La Plante's The Governor. He received critical acclaim for his portrayal of inmate Eugene Buffy.

    • Craig's commenced his one man stand-up show, Craig Charles – Live On Earth in 1995 in London's West End. This was quickly followed up by three sell-out national tours.

    • When Craig was 12-years-old, he won the 'Guardian's Poetry Award', showing off his talent, with the runner up being 33 years old!

    • In 1997 Craig released No Other Blue, a graphic book of poetry. That same year he also released the Red Dwarf inspired book, The Log-A Dwarfers Guide To Everything.

    • Craig co-wrote some lyrics on singer/songwriter Suzanne Rhatigan's album, To Hell With Love, and directed one of her music video clips.

    • In 2005, Craig participated in the reality show, The Games. Despite missing two events due to an unfortunate injury, he managed to finish fourth at the end.

    • In 2005, Craig was a DJ on the radio station BBC 6 Music and presented the Craig Charles Funk Show. He was later suspended from the show pending the outcome of drug charges he was facing.

    • Craig owns two mansions, one in Manchester and another in Hampshire. [2006]

    • Craig appeared as a comedian at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 1998.

    • Craig was let off with a caution by police for possession of drugs after a newspaper caught him smoking crack in the back of a car in August 2006.

    • Craig was suspended from Coronation Street in June 2006 after photos of him snorting cocaine were published in The Daily Mirror.

    • Craig was married to Cathy Tyson from 1984 until they divorced in 1989. He married his second wife, Jackie, on the 9th August 1999. He has two daughters with Jackie, Anna-Jo and Nellie. He has another son, Jack, from a previous marriage.

    • Craig lives in Somerset in a country house, complete with deer in the 40 acres of grounds. [2006]

    • In addition to his abilities as a skilled actor, comedian and poet, Craig also had a stint as a professional footballer with Tranmere Rovers.

  • Quotes

    • Craig: It's evolve or die, really, you have to evolve, you have to move on otherwise it just becomes stagnant.

    • Craig: I think Red Dwarf has definitely matured in this series. It's not a sit-com any more, it's a comedy drama.

    • Craig: 5:30 in the morning in the car to drive to Shepperton to be in make-up by 7:15, finish filming round about 7 pm, out of make-up, out of there by 7:45, home at ten o'clock at night.

    • Craig: (confessing that after his mother died of cancer and his marriage to Cathy Tyson broke up, he had become addicted to cocaine) At first it was fun, but gradually cocaine eats away your self-respect....

    • Craig: I have a stepladder. It's a very nice stepladder but it's sad that I never knew my real ladder.

    • Craig: What's amazing is that I'm recognised all over the world through Red Dwarf. In New York City, I nipped into a store on Broadway and the owner pointed to the TV, and Red Dwarf was on! The show's enabled me to travel all over the world too, partly for fan club conventions. British fans are exceptional, but the American fans are something else. Some of them fly 500 miles to stand in line for three hours, just to meet me, then when they do they collapse. It makes you feel like a rock star! Oh, and I got to snog William Shatner when he was a panellist on Space Cadets, in which I was a team captain.

  • It's time for Red Dwarf to come out of stasis

    Craig Charles will in time be remembered for playing "Lister" on Red Dwarf, his role of a larakin sits well with the average bloke and is the poor mans Charlton Heston....( meant to be a compliment Craig )

    I am curious why a Red Dwarf movie is taking so long to go to prodution, I immagine a budget of around 30-40 Million would cover the cost, and I am sure there are many people willing to finance this project.

    It would lead to another 4-5 series for television, and would certainly spin off into the retail sector for merchandise.

    I f anyone can give me the contact details for whomever "owns" the concept of Red Dwarf I woulb be happy to chase up the finance and try get this back on the agenda...before any of these silly buggas die.