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  • He is the funniest talk show host cense Johnny Carson and the world wouldn’t be the same without him.

    Craig Ferguson is the funniest and most addictive late night talk show on TV; his monologues are catching and sometimes educational. After you watch him long enough you feel like you know him because he is very candid about his entire life. He is just a lovable cheeky wee monkey.
  • I seen Craig perform in person and he is as great in person as he is on tv. None stop laughing. He is an inspiration , very talented tv host.

    Great comedian, keeps me laughing,interviews of his guests are great, he`s one of a kind , a must watch tv host.I watch Craig every night and no two nights are the same . He creates characters like " prince Charles of england" doing late night skiff like Prince Charles chatting about Camilla in a very humorous way or he will be the elevator man in "elevator confessions". He loves Sean Connery and can do a routine doing Micheal Caine talking to Sean Connery . You must watch the Late Late show to appreciate the work of this genius comedian, writer, Craig Fergusen.
  • Hilarious and talented

    I've been watching Late late show for a while now, and I can say that Craig Ferguson is my favourite talk show host: he has charisma, sense of humour, great facial mimic, and above all that scottish accent...
    I really like his monologues, the way he interacts with the audience ("Stick with me kids!") and conducts interviews.
    I discovered that he had a small role in "Lemony Snicket's a series of unfortunate events", one of my favourite movies...I hope he will get some major role since I'm very curious to see him in action as an actor.
    It's a real shame that we can't see his show here in Italy (there's only Letterman's) because I'm quite sure it would have a lot of public. Go Craig, you kick ass!
  • very funny

    Craig Ferguson is the best talk show host out there and always will be, he is very sexy to!
    When I have had a bad day he will always make it better!
    I watch him every night, I never have missed a show and never will.
    Craig Ferguson is way better than Conan by a million and always will be!
    Craig is very talented.
    His movies are very good and he done a great job on the drew Carey show. Craig's book is the best book I have ever read.
    Craig Ferguson is the best and always will be!
    There is nobody more talented than he is!
  • An original classic - an underrated comic genius.

    Craig\'s Late Late Show is fantastic. It\'s definately worth staying up, all bleary-eyed just to see him. I wish his show was on earlier in the night so more can see him. He\'s extremely intelligent, musically talented, well-spoken, bold, cheeky, and of course very very funny.

    Oh! I forgot another important aspect of Craig - he\'s dreamy! Such a sexy accent! *wink*
  • Hugely Funny

    This man is funny. His opening monologue every day on his show is excellent every time. My one problem with him however, is that if you watch his show every day, he does tend to be very repetetive, he will reuse jokes over and over.

    He lacks the sophistication of his former counterparts like Steven Fry and Hugh Laurie but has a charm of his own. His sense of humour is less subtle. His Scottishness plays well for him although less jokes about the British (especially the English) wouldn't go amis.

    I do however like him and his show is better than his main rivals such as Leno and DeGeneres.
  • funny as ever

    Craig is the funniest late night person alive.
  • Craig Ferguson is extremely funny!

    I first saw Craig on The Drew Carey Show. He is very talented. I think it's amazing how he can do such a good British accent even though he is Scottish. I started to look for him in more stuff. I love him on 'The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson'. I don't think they could of found a better host for the show. I really enjoy his opening monologue at the begin of the show. He is also funny in his role in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, even though it's a smaller role. Overall, Craig is a great, funny actor.
  • The Late Late Show is a great ingrediant to late night television. I would watch Craig Ferguson interview a card board box if he wanted to.

    Craig's appeal begins with is ability to convince each and every person watching his show that he is talking only to them. I myself have fallen under the spell many times since I began watching durning his "try out" week. I will admit that I had no interest in Craig as Drew Carey's boss. This may be partly because the role of Craig Ferguson is by far the most interesting part he could ever play. I live in a dorm with three other girls and we make sure to be home for our "date" with Craig at 12:37 every weeknight. Regardless of how many times we hear Craig put his foot in his mouth and then turn his palms up, raise both his arms and say "what?", it will always be just as funny as the first time. Enjoying the Late Late Show so much, I began to explore some of Craig's movies. Saving Grace has proven to be my favorite. The scene in which the two leads are smoking a funny cigarette was incredible. If marajuana ever becomes legal and on the U.S. market, vendors should use that scene as an advertisement. No one is perfect and although it may seem like it, I am not trying to say Craig Ferguson is. For instance, my Arab neighbor can do a better impression of Sean Connery. Which is odd because Craig does a mean Arabic voice, go figure.
  • Not the sum of his parts... Until now.

    From his stand-up act and his work on 'The Drew Carey Show', Craig Ferguson had established a pretty good track record of funny going into his hiring as Craig Kilborn's replacement on 'The Late Late Show'. That potential hasn't quite beared out yet, though, and I'm scratching my head as to why. His monolgues rarely draw more than a token laugh, and his bits in the pre-interview portion of the show (whether it be staring down soap star Dan McVicar in an old, already-been-done bit or putting on various wigs and calling it comedy in something called "Celebrity Grab Bag") are howlingly unfunny; James Adomian's George W. Bush skits are practically the only good bits Ferguson has. Ferguson is saved, however, by being quite a good interviewer, charming, witty, and self-deprecating. Personally, Ferguson is quite funny, but it's yet to show up on his new show.

    In the five months after the paragraph above was written, many things in the world have changed. Hurricane Katrina devastated millions of people (and pretty much sealed George W. Bush's fate as incompetent prez par excellence), we had to replace not one but two Supreme Court justices, Saddam Hussein has gone to trial, and... oh yeah, all of a sudden Craig Ferguson's show got really funny. His monologues, previously pale imitations of Leno's and Conan's, suddenly became laugh-out-loud meanderings through Ferguson's slightly-off mind. "Grab bag" and staredowns with Dan McVicar have all but disappeared in favor of much funnier bits like Sean Connery's "This Day in History" and "George Bush is drinking again". On the one-year anniversary of his show's debut, Ferguson has gone from a stale Late Night knock-off to the clear successor to David Letterman, if and when the latter ever hangs it up. So, kudos to you, Craig, for spicing up late-night in recent months. Keep up the good work.
  • Hilarious!

    I never really noticed how funyn Craig was until he started The Late Late Show, he really fits into the late night comedy show genre. And he defenitely has a flair for the opening monologue. I really enjoy watching him and hearing his jokes. Great comedian! And he defenitely has a great on screen comedic charisma.
  • A bit self indulgent yet funny in his own weird world...

    I like watching Craig, he doesnt seem to do well with people on his show, he seems a bit self indulgent with his comedy, not really a people person IMHO... Reminds me of a talented version of Regis Philbin...LOL he has a great art of Gab...I think he is better than Cohen, and should soon overtake him in ratings... ... ... I used to watch Cohen, he got a bit stale and lack luster and a nightly repeat.. ... ... ... ... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .