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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2011, Craig won "Best Performance by a Supporting Actor" at the Aotearoa Film & Television Awards for his role on Bloodlines.

    • Craig is married to fellow actor Sara Wiseman.

    • Craig always asked choreographer Dion Murphy (Daniel) to put him in the back during the group routines on The Strip so he could watch the rest of the guys as they danced. That way he could do better keeping in step with them, since dancing isn't something Craig considers his strong suit.

    • Craig was the narrator for the second and third seasons of Serious Crash Unit, a New Zealand documentary series that goes behind the scenes with police investigators as they deal with the aftermath of serious traffic accidents.

    • Craig, who played the enormously endowed stripper Clint on The Strip, says his most embarrassing moment on the show was his first strip routine. The Producers had gotten together an audience of ladies from a retiree home, and had not informed them about Craig's prop costume g-string. So when Craig removed his trousers, he saw the entire audience was staring at "his assets", trying to determine whether or not it was all him!

    • Craig considers his starring roles in the two Taika Waititi hit NZ movies Boy and Eagle vs Shark among his career highlights.

    • Craig's short film credits include:
      (2012) The Light Harvester, "Troy"
      (2009) Be Careful "Mike", First Shoot Productions, dir. Alan Brash
      (2004) Knife Shift "Shane", dir. Jim Hudson
      (2003) Embers "Jonathan", Escapade Films, dir. Marc Lareano, prod. Chris Payne
      (2003) Gateway To Hell "Pilot", Angel Films, dir. Tristan Strange
      (2000) Homekill "Wayne", Intercept Limited, dir. Andrew Bancroft
      (1996) Siren "Soldier, Ample Productions, dir. Charles Bracewell

    • To relax, Craig enjoys going to movies and is a motorcycle aficionado.

    • Craig's theatre credits include:
      (2010) The Lover "Richard", Easy Company, die. Caroline Bell-Booth
      (2009) Killer Joe "Ansel", The Basement Theatre
      (2006) Take Me Out "Kippy Sunderstrom", The Silo Theatre, dir. Shane Bosher
      (2005) The Mercy Seat "Ben", The Silo Theatre, dir. Rachel House
      (2005) The Boys in the Band "Alan McCarthy", The Silo Theatre, dir. Jonathan Hendry
      (2004) Gagarin Way "Gary", dir. Jean Betts
      (2003) Red Fish, Blue Fish "Tim", Circa Theatre, dir. Jonathan Hendry
      (2002) Red Fish, Blue Fish "Tim", dir. Rebecca Hobbs

    • When asked whether he prefers doing film or television work, Craig opts for film, because he says film gets a focus from its audience that TV doesn't. But he's happy to do either, if it's the right part, like his role of Nicky on Outrageous Fortune. He was a fan of the show before he was offered that role, so he was very pleased to be asked to join the cast.

    • Craig is quite athletic, and can do aerobics, horseback riding, martial arts, rock climbing, rugby, and skiing.

    • Craig is 6'0" (183 cm) tall, with brown hair and brown eyes.

    • Craig is represented professionally by the firm Karen Kay Management.

  • Quotes

    • Craig: (on playing the lovable moron Clint on "The Strip") The writers would give Clint the most ridiculous things to say, but you had to say them with complete conviction. And that was always a challenge, you know, but it was a fun challenge.

    • Craig: I feel really blessed for everything, every job I've had. Still get excited when I get a call saying, 'You've got that.' Still get excited, you know? It's just the chance to exercise your craft and tell some stories, do some stuff you might not usually do.

    • Craig: (on acting in the docudrama "Bloodlines") It's hard talking about something that is about real people. I hope the people who were affected, when they see it, feel that it's been done with integrity and honours them.

    • Craig: (on his love of movies) I've always loved film because there's something really cool about sitting in a dark room with a bunch of people focused on something. It has a focus that television doesn't have. It's a complete thing. You go and shoot a story that has a beginning and an end.

    • Craig: (referring to his "Outrageous Fortune" character Nicky) It's always fun to play the bad character because you don't get to do that in real life. Well, you do but you have to suffer the consequences. It's always nice to do some stuff that's a bit dodgy.

    • Craig: Other than loving motorcycles and leather, [my Outrageous Fortune character is] not really [me]! Although, hard rock music is still pretty much my favourite.

    • Craig: (When asked if he'd make a permanent move to LA to further his career) I'll always want to work in New Zealand. I love being here, I love working here and there's lots of people here that I still want to work with. I never want to give up my career in New Zealand, I've worked too long and hard for it! Working in America and Australia is more about spreading the net. Sometimes when things dry up here, you've got to go elsewhere to work.

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