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  • Lovely Craig

    Craig is very talented actor. I love all it characters, but especially Darken and lord Narciss. I wait for it new projects. For now I reconsider the old.
  • Craig Parker is well known in New Zealand and Europe, as well as the U.S and Canada. I, personally, think Craig should be noticed for more than just his boyish good looks. He's got TALENT!

    Craig Parker, now residing in London, U.K., has appeared on films such as Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers, Stephen King\'s Tommyknockers and television shows such as Mercy Peak.

    The man is not only pleasing to look at, he\'s smart, witty and FUNNY! Craig's done some Comedy Debates in New Zealand and has MC'd a few events. And, it seems every time Craig opens his mouth, something humourous is said and the audience is in stitches.

    He supports a few charities like the Starship Foundation for sick kids, as well as a couple others. Here's a man with looks, brains and a wonderful HEART! Keep up the good work, Craig. You've got a lot of admirers rooting for your success! Hopefully, we'll see you on the big screen again very soon!
  • I met Craig at a convention in Toronto last July. (2006). He was sweet, easy to talk to and never made me feel uncomfortable in any way. Though the laughing at me because I couldn't work a digital cam, almost got him a kick in the shins... Lol.

    An amazing actor and wonderful human being. Craig is down- to- earth, and is completely at ease when speaking to fans or a room full of people. He's great with kids of all ages.

    Even when exhausted, Craig finds some energy somewhere and never lets a fan down. He puts 110% into his work both off-screen and on.

    In LotR, Craig brought Haldir to life. On Mercy Peak, he played the mixed up playboy Alistar Kingsley.

    Now, Craig has gone back to play Guy Warner on Shortland Street. It's been said he will be filling this roll for longer than expected.

    As I wrote Craig while at the Gathering, he deserves the best of everything life has to offer. He's not just a fantastic actor, but a wonderful human being.
  • Handsome, talented and interesting.

    Hadn't seen him anywhere before LOTS, but I must say, along with Bruce Spence he is the best actor in the show, and combines charm, eloquence and ambiguity with his amazing good looks! So much so that I prefer the bad guy to the good guy. He portrays his character with depth, which is something difficult given the fact that it's a recurring role, and he only has a few scenes in a few episodes to do that. Plus, he doesn't revert to the usual cliche interpretation of the "evil overlord". His character may be the bad guy, but it shows from the very beginning that it's the result of a complicated psychopathology, rather than a case of evil-for-evil (which is almost never adequately justified anyway).Will definitely check some more of his work.
  • Craig Parker is a magical package of talent and good looks wrapped up in a whole lot of style.

    Craig is a package of talent and good looks wrapped up in a whole lot of style. I've seen him in a few television shows. Of course seeing him portray the character Haldir was a real kick. I had read the LOTR books years before the movie and enjoyed seeing the character on screen. Had the movie been longer, he could had done even better. Since then I've turned back and have searched the internet, and dvd archives, for more of Craig. Until just a couple of years ago I had only seen him as some smooth character. I now know how incredibly funny he can be as well. He's good and I simply cannot find an equal. He deserves more credit and to star in his own spotlight! Recently I've found that he is in the tv show 'Legend of the Seeker'. The main reason of my attraction to that show can be stated in two words... Craig Parker.