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  • I met Craig at a convention in Toronto last July. (2006). He was sweet, easy to talk to and never made me feel uncomfortable in any way. Though the laughing at me because I couldn't work a digital cam, almost got him a kick in the shins... Lol.

    An amazing actor and wonderful human being. Craig is down- to- earth, and is completely at ease when speaking to fans or a room full of people. He's great with kids of all ages.

    Even when exhausted, Craig finds some energy somewhere and never lets a fan down. He puts 110% into his work both off-screen and on.

    In LotR, Craig brought Haldir to life. On Mercy Peak, he played the mixed up playboy Alistar Kingsley.

    Now, Craig has gone back to play Guy Warner on Shortland Street. It's been said he will be filling this roll for longer than expected.

    As I wrote Craig while at the Gathering, he deserves the best of everything life has to offer. He's not just a fantastic actor, but a wonderful human being.