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Craig Pumphrey instructs Martial Arts in Southern Indiana.  Starting his training at a young age Pumphrey began learning Kickboxing and Karate.  Being fascinated with the breaking aspect of his Karate training Pumphrey began to pursue the aspects of Hard Body Training.  This brought him into a journey that eventually leads him to Pankration.  Earning his Black Belt under Master John Townsley, Pumphrey has continued his training to 6th dan.  Pumphrey has been featured on multiple television and radio programs all over the world.  Getting his television start on Guinness Prime Time, his career has grown into several television specials and two seasons of his own TV series, Human Wrecking Balls on G4, along with his brother Paul Pumphrey.


Craig Pumphrey:


Promoted to 6th dan Pankration 2013

Founder of the Martial Arts Eclectics Martial Arts

Inducted into the International Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame

Inducted into the USAFPA Pankration Hall of Fame

Mens Fitness Magazine top 25 “Most fit celebrities” 2010

Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine 2010

Craig Pumphrey Day - July 28th New Albany, IN

2005 Invited to the ADCC World Championships in Long Beach, CA

2005 Pancrase National Heavy Weight Champion

2005 Pancrase National Championships 3rd place Absolute Division

2003 ISKA/ESPN World Breaking Championships – 3rd Power Breaking

2003 Pancrase National Heavy Weight Champion

2002 ISKA/ESPN World Breaking Championships

2001 USAFPA Grand National Pankration Championships Pankration Champion

2000 Part of team USA receiving the gold medal at world Pankration championships, Athens Greece

2000 Bronze Medal – World Cup Pankration Championships (Athens, Greece)

2000 USAFPA Grand National Pankration Championships Pankration Champion