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  • Craig is one of the five on-air Chasers.

    Craig Reucassel is different from his fellow Chasers. He is the only one to be born overseas, publically educated and raised in another state.

    Craig has worked along with co-Chaser Chris Taylor in radio including: "Today Today, B*oody Sunday and The Race Race". In "CNNNN" and "The Chaser's War On Everything" he introduces the show along with Chris.

    He has contributed great left-ideas such as: "Trojan Horse" and "Blind Taxi Driver". Craig also presents "In Other News" with Julian "The Fixers" with Julian and many others. Craig is seemed to be more of the political one in the group as he is the one who really kind of comes out with political jokes.

    To top it all of Craig is just fantastic as a "Chaser" and always will be.