Craig Robinson (I)

Craig Robinson (I)


10/25/1971, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Birth Name

Craig Phillip Robinson


  • Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero, Craig Rob...
  • Craig Robinson on Last Comic Standing.
  • Craig Robinson on Last Comic Standing.
  • Craig Robinson on Last Comic Standing.
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Craig Robinson is a musician, comedian, actor, and works in production management in film and TV. Craig has worked on such productions as The Office, Last Comic Standing, and Eastbound & Down.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • "L. Witherspoon & Chucky" is a comedy act consisting of Craig Robinson (Chunky) on the keyboard and back-up vocals and Jerry Minor (L. Witherspoon) on lead vocals.

    • Craig's comedy act "L. Witherspoon & Chucky" with Jerry Minor has performed on Real Time with Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Comedy Central.

    • Craig and Jerry Minor formed a comedy act called "L. Witherspoon & Chucky".

    • Craig took acting and improv classes at The Second City in Chicago, before that he got his undergraduate degree from Illinois State University. Upon completing his undergrad degree, Craig went to Saint Xavier University were he earned his masters of education.

    • Craig taught music at Horace Mann Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois before he began his career in comedy.

    • On June 29, 2008, Craig was arrested for drug possession. He was charged with two felony charges of drug possession, for carrying methamphetamine, and one charges of being of the influence of drugs.

    • Craig won the 1998 Oakland Comedy Festival.

    • Craig is 6'1½" (1.86 meters) tall.

  • Quotes

  • Haha!

    Yes, he makes me laugh because he is like a background actor that manages to keep you on your toes in the shipping area. He is also random and funny, and his presence completes the show for sure. Good pick of an actor!