Craig T. Nelson

Craig T. Nelson


4/4/1944, Spokane, Washington, U.S.A.

Birth Name

Craig Richard Nelson



Also Known As

Craig Nelson
  • Craig T. Nelson as Zeek Braverman on Par...
  • Bonnie Bedelia as Camille Braverman and ...
  • Craig T. Nelson as Zeek Braverman on Par...
  • Bonnie Bedelia as Camille Braverman and ...
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The son of Bing Crosby's drummer, tall, low-key and expressively deadpan actor Craig T. Nelson began his career in radio as a writer-performer on the L.A. area "Lohman and Barkley Show". Together with his writing partner Barry Levinson, he formed a stand-up comedy act and wrote comedy (along…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1992, Craig won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series playing Hayden Fox on Coach.

    • Craig debuted on Broadway in 1998 in Eugene O'Neill's "Ah, Wilderness!"

    • Craig T. Nelson, whose most popular role was arguably as the title character on the sitcom, Coach, appeared in the 2007 Will Ferrell comedy, Blades of Glory as a figure skating coach known only as (and thus credited only as) "Coach".

    • He had to add the "T" as a middle initial to avoid confusion with the actor, Craig Richard Nelson, who had registered his name first with the Screen Actors Guild.

      Wanted to be a Hydroplane racer before he became an actor. His dad doubted this and said it would be an impossible feat, like becoming an actor.

      Attended University of Arizona

      Attended Central Washington University

    • Craig is one of the few survivors of the Poltergeist curse.

    • Craig has been an avid racing fan for quite some, even owning his own racing team, The Screaming Eagles Racing Enterprise. He has competed in IMSA World Sports Car Events and also raced in the 1994 Porsche Super Cup Series in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

    • He will play Kelly Stone in The Family Stone.

    • His height is 6' 3 1/2".

  • Quotes

    • Craig T. Nelson: Lance Armstrong is the guy that I would put up there as one of my heroes. He's done something that no one else has done and when you put into it what he overcame, it's absolutely unbelievable.

    • Craig T. Nelson: When there's that forgiveness present and compassion, it just helps you live so much easier.

    • Craig T. Nelson: I'm working on a project with my son, Noah, who's my youngest. He's 29. He was a writer on The District. And we're writing a miniseries.

    • Craig T. Nelson: I lost my parents when I was fairly young. I'm so lucky to be a father and a grandfather and actually see them growing up and having children, it's quite amazing.