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  • Sellout.

    I was young when coach was on, but back then I didn't like it. It apparently wasn't good enough to warrant reruns. This review has little to do with Craig T. Nelson's acting skills, and everything to do with the commercial he is currently in for DirecTV. It contains scenes from poltergeist, which starred Nelson, who, if I remember correctly, did a great job in it. But this is irrelevant to me now, because the commercial is among the worst on television. Some people hate this commercial because they consider the use of the deceased Heather O'Rourke in a commercial as tasteless. Apparently, her mother approved the commercial because it was a "tribute" to her. Sounds like her mom sold out even more than Craig T. Though it is a disgrace to Heather's memory, that has nothing to do with my rating here. I simply believe that Craig T. is a sellout, and he has terrible taste if he thought this commercial would be any good. It is not. And neither is he, though he may have been in the past.