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  • She is just annoying.

    My god....I hear he voice and I wanna bite down on a shot gun and blow my brains out. Frankly I can't see why people like her so much. Not only has be been some of my least favourite cartoon characters of all time but her voice is just so high pitch it feel like a wanna be sick. Frankly I think that she is one of the more irritating voice actors around, even though there are people that are much worse at acting. Maybe I am being alittle hostile and many of you will disagree but I really can't stand her.
  • It boggles me how she seems to end up in everything.

    Cree Summer is in just about everything. The main problem with her acting, plain and simple, her voices are all completely transparent. Instead of seeming like she voices multiple characters, it seems like she's doing one character with a slight variation. Anytime you hear one of her characters, you can tell it's her, and not in a good way. For example, in Drawn Together, the voice that she uses for Foxxy talking in a British accent is exactly the same as the voice she uses for an actual British woman. Any character with an accent just sounds like the same character with an accent. She's only capable of one real voice, and that just doesn't work when she uses it for every character she does. Compare to Tara Strong, who is in just as many things as Ms. Summer, yet she's very talented. You wouldn't know that she's doing all the different characters that she does. Cree Summer lacks variety completely, and it seems like the same voice is in almost every single animated show. While she does that one single voice well, her total lack of variety just makes her totally overrated, and as a result she's in way more cartoons than she really should be.
  • On my mind... way too much!

    Cree Summer has been on television since she first voiced Penny from Inspector Gadget. Then her hype began to grown as she was playing the role for Susie on Rugrats. Now like some of the actors on animated telvision , they can get plain annoying but like what the summary is , she is perhaps the only actor that is extremely on my mind too much and it even gave me something that I should not reveal. However , she is overall an average actor so that should have a score of 6.5 out of 10.0

    I can at least try or not getting rid of her on my mind which is kinda annoying for the point of those that are big fans of their favorite actors.
  • She voiced so many cartoon characters, that she should get more out of it.

    Cree won me over with her roll on Rugrats with Susie. She then did more voices that I fell in love with. Cree is very talented and has a wonderful singing voice. She do did some acting, and it was great. I'm glad that she is still doing the voice overs on her shows. I hope she wont retier soon.
  • One of the most unique voices that I've heard, all of her characters stay with me do to her voice.

    Cree Summer is one of the most talented voice actresses of today. Though her acting was very good, I think that it's her work on various children's shows that will enable her to keep going. I love her as Susie Carmicheal on Rugrats. I hope that she keeps up the good work!!
  • Cree Summers have been one of my favorite voice actress since I was a kid.

    I really do love Cree's work. Along with being a terrifice voice acotr she's a fantastic singer. She's played many roles, to many for me to count. Although some of the roles share to similar voices, she's still one of the best of this generation.

    I can't really write this review without mentioning her role as Suzie, from Rugrats. Suzie was one of the first roles that Cree played, and it was a great one. She potrayed Suzie extremely well.

    One thing I like about Cree, is she's able to pull off the good-girl/bad-girl thing extremely well. Suzie was ,of course, was a goodey goodey. Miranda (Life Told By Ginger) however was an extremely bad girl, always looking to mess up Ginger's social life. It makes me happy that Cree isn't held down by one type of role.

    I was surprised however, that Cree voice acted in Drawn Together. At first I was like wtf, but then I was happy. This showed that Cree voice acting career is growing as time changes. She's now able to do both adult and child humor.

    I'm hoping in the future Cree will become more recognized like Tom Kenny and Tara Strong are.
  • She is a very talented voice actress and singer.

    I really enjoy Cree Summers work. I think that she is a very talented voice actress and singer. I have heard her work on codename kids next door, the rugrats, my life as a teenage robot, and atlantis. I enjoy her work and feel like she realy puts life into her character. I have heard some people complain that she only has one voice and that all of her characters sound the same. While I do not agree that all of her characters sound the same I do think that it is ok for some characters voiced by voice actors/actresses to have the same voice every once and awhlie. Even Tara Strong and Mel Blanc have used the same voice now and again.
  • Unique biracial hippie chick!

    Too bad Cree doesn't consider herself much of an actress (as she stated in an interview years ago)...I would love to see her appear physically on a TV show again. Her character Freddie on "A Different World" was quirky, different, and delightfully eccentric. Cree had charisma and had excellent physical comedy skills. (For instance, in the ADW episode called "Tales From the Exam Zone," she stood perfectly still when she was supposed to be "frozen in time" and Sinbad's character waved his hand in front of her face. Later in that episode, she had a hilarious moment fighting herself!) Cree is also an excellent singer, too (check out her album "Street Faerie"). It is fun stumbling across her voice work (like the Green M&M and the numerous cartoons she does). Keep up the good work, Cree!
  • I liked Cree before I even knew who she was.

    When I watched Inspector Gadget and the second Care Bears movie, I didn't know that Cree did the voices of Penny and Christy. She's so awesome! I also like her as Suzie from Rugrats and Numbuh 5 and Cree from Codename: Kids Next Door. Definitely high on my list of favorites.
  • Love her voice

    She rocks!
  • One of my favorite popular voices voice young charactors.

    Ever since I was little, I've been watching different kid shows that Cree Summer voices in. I think she does very well voicing young charactors. I think her cutest voice is the one she does for Elmyra Duff in 'Tiny Toon Adventures' because it sounds like alot like a little kid. I also think she does real well with Suzy in 'Rugrats', Abby Lincon (Number 5) in 'Codename: Kids Next Door', Cleo in 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' and Dulcy in 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (or as many Sonic fans call it, SatAM). She is defenitly one of the best of the popular voice actors for young charactors in American shows in my opinion.
  • One of the best.

    Cree Summer is one of my favorite voice actresses. I first heard her work when I was little and watching The Rugrats. She voiced Susie Carmichael, who just so happens to be one of my favorite characters. She also does the voice of Susie in All Grown Up. I didn't like that show as much as Rugrats, but it was still pretty good. Cree also voiced the Princess in Atlantis. That movie was really good. Another favorite show of mine was Rocket Power. Cree voiced a woman named Crystal in one of the TV movies for that show. She also voiced Frightwig from Ben 10. My two favorite voicings of hers have to be Miranda from As Told By Ginger and Valerie Gray from Danny Phantom.
  • One of the major voices in animation.

    I've had a crush on Cree since Inspector Gadget. I thought the voice of penny was so pretty yet familiar. Later when I saw Cree I was blown away by her physical beauty. From Freddi on "A Different World" to an incredible list of animated characters. Some say that she a one trick pony with a voice that sounds the same. I believe that Cree is a professional that gives Directors what they want in probably very few takes. Which lead to her being one of the most requested voices in animation. And what a voice it is. With singing talent that lead to the release of her 1999 album Street Faërie. Which was a innovative mix of alternate, R&B, Jazz and America Indian influence sound with incredible poetic lyrics to tie it all together. The crush I had years ago had become one of deep respect for a woman of obvious talent. I smile every time I hear her voice. Here's to you Cree. May you continue to entertain us for years to come.
  • Beyond incredible!!!!

    Probably the most awesome person ever! She is very creative and can play pretty much any role you can imagine; from serious to just plain stupid. I personally love her as Foxxy Love in Drawn Together simply because she is adaptable and cause you cant help but love how she interacts with the other characters. Her voice over acting is just pure genius. Just watch her yourself; As numbah 5 and her sister Cree (funny right! She plays a character named after herself!) she is amazing!
    Plus she's black! We need more black voice overs anyway, to play black characters. Dont get me wrong, i aint hatin on white voice over actors. They just dont capture the black characters essence. I love everybody who can do a good voice over anyway.
  • Cree is extremely talented! She should have been a much bigger star!!

    Cree Summer Francks, who also goes by 'Cree Summer', 'Pirate Honey Brown Seductress Of The Seven Seas' and 'Our Lady The High Pimpstress', is an actress and a musician but mainly a voice actress. She got her start in voice acting at age 11 when her father, Don Francks, auditioned for a part on the animated cartoon, 'Inspector Gadget'. They asked Cree if she would like to try out and she got the role as 'Penny' on the show. Her unique, throaty voice soon was recognized by many which is how she got more roles on other cartoons. Aside from her later life, Cree was born on July 7, 1969, in Los Angeles, California to Lili Red Eagle (a member of the Plains Cree First Nation) and Canadian actor Don Francks. They moved to an aboriginal reserve in Saskatchewan, Canada at a young age for Cree. 'Red Phaesant Reservation' was the name of the indian reserve that she grew up on. This was not only where she lived, however. Cree and her family also lived in various places including a horse stable and a bus. Fortunately, they later lived in the basement of a friend's house. In 1988, fans of Cree got to put her notorious voice to a face when she got the role of 'Winifred "Freddie" Brooks' on the Cosby show spin-off, 'A Different World'. Cree played the afro-centric flower child on the show. It was a fitting role for her. During the span of the show, Cree had a long-term relationship with one of her co-stars, known as Kadeem Hardison. He played 'Dwayne Wayne' on the show. On the show, Jasmine Guy, who played 'Whitley Gilbert', went out with 'Dwayne' and later on married him on the show. When asked about how her other co-star, Jasmine Guy, and how her role on the show had affected her and Kadeem in any way she said it hadn't because Jasmine and herself were like sisters. In fact, Cree sang background vocals for two of Jasmine Guy's songs on her self-titled album in 1990. Besides her voice acting roles, acting and guest starring, Cree also started a career in music. In 1993, her band 'Subject To Change' released a 14-track album (track 14 is hidden) titled, 'Womb Amnesia'. Only several thousand copies were sold worldwide and it's considered a rarity. Later, in 1999, Cree established her solo 13 track album, 'Street Faerie'. Her best friend is Lisa Bonet (Lilakoi Moon), and Lisa's ex-husband Lenny Kravitz produced Cree's album as well as performed a duet with her on track 5 titled 'Mean Sleep'. The album was not hugely successful. Cree also was opening act for Lenny in his concerts. Today, Cree Summer Francks does mainly voices for cartoons, She says that you have more freedom as a voice actress, and that she is uncomfortable on live-action TV shows. She has done well over 100 different characters on a variety of TV shows and still voicing today. This is why Cree Summer should have been a much bigger star!
  • Awsome and Talented

    Cree Summer she's awsome.I mean whatever cartoon show I am watching liked Rugrats or My Life As A Teenage Robot.I can hear her voice.I can tell you she's awsome she does great job acting and singing as well.I mean she can easyly be spotted.In Rugrats All Grown Up episode "Susie Sings The Blues" she sounds awsome.She is talented very talented and also I hate to admitt I didn't know that she was the voice actor of Kim from the Care Bear Movie up until I relized who did her voice.Ok I know that some may disagree with this review.But all I know is that she's one of my favorite voice actor.
  • Good for characters voices.

    One of my favorites. She's good for playing voices over cartoons, but it sounds like the same over any cartoon she'll play over it. However, she got one of the best actor voices in the world, and I like listening to it. Sometimes, it annoying, but cooler than I thought.
  • There are a lot of underdogs out there that don\\\'t get as much credit as they should - Cree Summer is definitely one of them! One in a billion!

    There are a lot of underdogs out there that don\\\'t get as much credit as they should - Cree Summer is definitely one of them! One in a billion! I happen to be an adult who enjoys cartoons, and I hear her voice often. It makes me think how much she must work in a year. When people are baffled about Jennifer Lopez making 4 movies in one year, and then I hear Cree Summer\\\'s voice at least 4 times in ONE WEEK on various cartoons! Now THAT\\\'S commendable!
  • Wow! Impressive portfolio!

    I knew Cree from her role as Freddie on "A Different World" and her voiceover roles as Elmyra on Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Pinky, Elmyra, And The Brain, and Histeria! But I would have never imagined she had soooo many contributions to so many shows. Especially as the voice of Penny from Inspector Gadget. I watched that show faithfully as a kid. Man I guess I need to start reading more closing credits.
  • Let's admit it Cree is a vocal powerhouse.

    Cree Summer has really only been known for her on screen acting in A Different World but she does so much more. She can sing, act and provides countless voice for characters. Her name should be one of those big names. Instead when I mention Cree Summer's name in a conversation people tend to tilt thier heads. Maybe she should come onto the spotlight again by not providing a voice but providing a body. Either way she's still superb.