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  • It boggles me how she seems to end up in everything.

    Cree Summer is in just about everything. The main problem with her acting, plain and simple, her voices are all completely transparent. Instead of seeming like she voices multiple characters, it seems like she's doing one character with a slight variation. Anytime you hear one of her characters, you can tell it's her, and not in a good way. For example, in Drawn Together, the voice that she uses for Foxxy talking in a British accent is exactly the same as the voice she uses for an actual British woman. Any character with an accent just sounds like the same character with an accent. She's only capable of one real voice, and that just doesn't work when she uses it for every character she does. Compare to Tara Strong, who is in just as many things as Ms. Summer, yet she's very talented. You wouldn't know that she's doing all the different characters that she does. Cree Summer lacks variety completely, and it seems like the same voice is in almost every single animated show. While she does that one single voice well, her total lack of variety just makes her totally overrated, and as a result she's in way more cartoons than she really should be.