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  • Trivia

    • Creed will be in Labor Pains (2009) (filming) as Abbott.

    • Creed was in the The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) as a stand-in for Beau Bridges.

    • Creed's favorite film is Jules et Jim by French director François Truffaut.

    • Like several of his The Office co-stars, Creed has a blog on the show's website. It is entitled "Creed's Thoughts".

    • Creed played with the band The Leanders for pocket change while attending College of the Sequoias.

    • In 2007, Creed presented the induction award for the Musician's Hall of Fame in Nashville to the band The Wrecking Crew.

    • Creed left the Grass Roots in 1969 over creative differences. He thought their sound was becoming too pop-like.

    • Creed grew up in Coarsegold, California. "Coarsegold" was also the title of his 2002 album.

    • Creed wrote the Grass Roots songs "No Exit", "House of Stone" and "Beatin' Round The Bush" for the album "Let's Live for Today". For the album "Feelings" he wrote "Hot Bright Lights" and "Dinner for 8".

    • The members of the Grass Roots included singers Rob Grill and Warren Entner, drummer Rick Coonce, and guitarist Creed Bratton.

    • Creed and the other members of The Grass Roots appeared in a movie with Doris Day called "With 6 You Get Egg Roll".

    • Creed formed a band in 1966 called The 13th Floor, which later became The Grass Roots. All of the members were the same but two. Kenny Fukomoto was a member of The 13th Floor, but was drafted before they formed the Grass Roots. Rob Grill replaced him.

    • In 1966, while in Israel with his group The Young Californians, Creed met a musician who would later join him in the Grass Roots. That musician was Warren Entner, who would become one of the Grass Root's singers.

    • In his 20s, Creed toured Europe for two and a half years with his band The Young Californians.

    • Creed attended both College of the Sequoias, where he majored in drama, and Sacramento State College at various points in his life.

    • Creed's joined his first real band when he was 17. The band was called The Tourquays.

    • As of 2008, Creed has released seven albums either as part of the Grass Roots or as a solo artist. With the Grassroots, the albums were "Let's Live For Today"(1967), "Feelings"(1968), and "Lovin' Things"(1969). As a solo artist he released "Chasin' The Ball"(2001), "The 80's"(2001), "Coarsegold"(2002), and "Creed Bratton"(2008).

    • In 2008, Creed released a CD titled "Creed Bratton" with 12 tracks. He wrote seven out of the twelve songs in the album. He also did cover songs by Sloan-Barri and Bobby Darin.

    • In 2008, Creed's short film "Just One of the Gynos" premiered, and won several awards, such as Best Short Film at the Malibu International Film Festival.

    • Awards
      2009(nomination)- SAG Award for "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series" for The Office. Shared with castmates.
      2008(win) - SAG Award for "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series" for The Office. Shared with castmates.
      2009 (win) - SAG Award for "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series" for The Office. Shared with castmates.

    • Creed appeared in the 1983 movie "Heart Like a Wheel".

    • Creed co-wrote the Grass Roots hit "Beatin' Round The Bush".

    • Creed's first hit with the Grass Roots was "Let's Live For Today". The song shot to number 8. The Grass Roots' song "Midnight Confessions" rose to number 5 on the charts, and gave the Grass Roots their second top 10 hit.

    • Before playing in the Grass Roots, Creed was the lead guitarist for the Young Californians.

    • Creed received his first guitar at age 13. It was a Silverstone Electric Guitar he ordered from a Sears catalog.

    • Creed can often be seen playing a Gibson Chet Atkins SST guitar.

    • Creed's paternal grandfather was the Art Director on classic silent movie The Thief of Bagdad, starring Douglas Fairbanks.

  • Quotes

    • Creed: (The show being referred to is The Office.) My goal is to hang in with the show, they are really writing me funny stuff. They know I can knock off these little bits here and there.

    • Creed: (on bringing together his talent in music and acting) That would be nice. Maybe a little stage play where I could tell a story, act a part, pick up a guitar and do a song with it.

    • Creed: (about fan perception on his acting on The Office) They (fans on blogs) say, 'Creed can't act. He comes in stoned.' And that I ad-lib. It's all scripted, kids. It's insulting to the writers if they thought it was all ad-libbed.