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Creed is a post-grunge group that became one of the best selling rock bands of the late 1990's and early 2000's. While other groups were experimenting with new sounds at the time, Creed adapted grunge into a radio-friendly style, selling millions of albums with it. Creed originally came…more


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    • Creed: (talking about what they say in the background during "Ode") This is a secret we will take to the grave...sorry...It's a band thing.

    • Creed: We listen to a variety of music. Led Zeppelin, Doors, Tool, Metallica, Slayer, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eagles, Garth Brooks, Tea Party, U2, Otis Redding (helps make sweet love...), Bad Company, Beatles etc...I could go on forever...

    • Creed: I think my lyrics are very direct and understandable. People can relate to that, so that's something I didn't want to move away from. At the same time, we're a little bit older and more mature now and we've been through a lot in the past few years, so we are looking to put things across in a way that reflected that.

    • Creed: I think a lot of kids identify with Scott's lyrics, especially kids who live in the Bible Belt. They can relate to it because it's stuff that has happened to them, or is still happening, you know. A lot of kids there aren't allowed to listen to rock music. Some parents still think rock music is the tool of the devil to corrupt the young and innocent...I don't want to deny beliefs or make people turn away from religion, but I think everybody should have the right to take a look and form their own opinion, without being forced to believe something, and they shouldn't have to be afraid of the backlash.

    • Creed: Well, we got more money now than we had. We don't have to worry about food anymore, but we're far from rich, really far away from it. It's amazing what kind of costs you've got to face. There are costs popping out from everywhere. It's kind of weird, the people who actually make an album, the musicians, seem to be the ones who earn the smallest part of it all.

    • Creed: (talking about the song "My Own Prison") I wrote this song at a time in my life when I realized that I could not continue to blame others for why I was in the situations I had placed myself in. I was blaming my parents, God, and anyone I could find, when really the only blame rested with me. Hence the phrase, "I've created My Own Prison" Realizing this helped me move forward in my life and make better decisions, knowing that if I was going to get better, it was me and only me that could make a change.

    • Creed: (talking about their success in Europe)I guess it's not so different in Europe. There seems to be no real language barrier – the kids want good music and good lyrics. We give them both.

    • Creed: I guess there are certain parallels between Marilyn Manson and Creed, even if Manson has his problems with the censorship a lot of parents force upon their children. They censor what the kids are supposed to read, which music they're allowed to listen to, all that.