Most Popular Crew, Directors, and Writers

  • 1. Derek de Lint
    b.1950, The Hague, Zuid - Holland, Netherlands
    married w/ three sons height: 6'2" eyes: hazel eyes that change to soft brown. education: He studied at the Art Academy in Utrecht and 2 yrs at Kleinkunstacademie. His major course of study ,photography and graphic design. spoken languages: Dutch,English German and
    Recent Role: Director on Poltergeist: The Legacy
  • 2. Jensen Ackles
    b.1978, Richardson, Texas, USA

    Jensen was born in Dallas, Texas. His father Alan Ackles was an actor in the Dallas area, so he was exposed to the entertainment industry at a young age. When he was a sophomore in high school, a friend asked him to come along to a local acting seminar. After getting an

    Recent Role: Director on Supernatural
  • 3. John Edward
    b.1969, Glen Cove, New York
    Even though John's psychic abilities appeared at a very early age, he become a best selling author and world renowned psychic medium was the last thing on his mind. As John was growing up, his mother would hold "psychic parties" in their home. John would poke fun at the
    Recent Role: Executive Producer on What If God Were the Sun?
  • 4. Leah Remini
    b.1970, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York
    Leah was born on June 15,1970 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York to George Remini and Vicki Marshall. Leah has one full sister and four half sisters. Her full sister is Nicole Remini and her half sisters are Christine, Elizabeth, Stephanie, and Shannon. Leah has been married
    Recent Role: Executive Producer on (Inside) Out
  • 5. Eddie Izzard
    b.1962, Aden, Yemen
    Edward John Izzard was born on the 7th of February, 1962 in Aden, Yemen. His father, Harold John, worked as an accountant for BP, his mother, Dorothy Ella, was a nurse. Eddie and his parents and older brother Mark moved to back to Britain later that year. In 1968, Eddie's mother
    Recent Role: Executive Producer on The Riches
  • 6. Matthew Gray Gubler
    b.1980, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Matthew was born on March 9, 1980, to John Gubler, an attorney, and Marilyn Kelch Gubler, a rancher, political consultant and a former chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party. He was raised in a quiet neighborhood near Bob Baskin Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. From the

    Recent Role: Director on Criminal Minds
  • 7. Melissa Joan Hart
    b.1976, Smithtown, Long Island, New York, USA
    Melissa Joan Hart made her first national television commercial at age three for a bathtub toy called "Splashy" and she is now a veteran of television, film and theater. She made her Broadway debut opposite Martin Sheen in "The Crucible". She also starred opposite
    Recent Role: Executive Producer on Melissa & Joey
  • 8. Joey Lawrence
    b.1976, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Joey was born with the last name Mignogna and was named after his father. His birth name is Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr. When Joey started acting he changed his last name to Lawrence his middle name by the time, his brother Andrew was born the whole family had changed their
    Recent Role: Executive Producer on Melissa & Joey
  • 9. Mark Harmon
    b.1951, Burbank, California, USA
    Mark Harmon was born in Burbank, California to Tom Harmon, a University of Michigan football All-America and Heisman Trophy and actor and artist, Elyse Knox. Mark has two older sisters, actress and painter Kristin Nelson, the former wife of singer Ricky Nelson, and actress Kelly
    Recent Role: Executive Producer on NCIS
  • 10. Ian Tracey
    b.1964, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
    Ian began his acting career when he was eleven years old after reading an advert for film auditions at his local school. He worked steadily as a youngster but then, in his late teens, he decided to stop acting and find a job in "the real world", as he put it. After a while, Ian
    Recent Role: Director on Intelligence (CAN)
  • 11. Erin Cardillo
    b.1977, White Plains, New York, USA

    Erin was born in White Plains, New York on February 17th, 1977. Throughout her life she has build up her acting career, starting with live theater. While at Northwestern University, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Performance Studies and even taught acting

    Recent Role: Director on Rush
  • 12. David Hyde Pierce
    b.1959, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA
    David was born in Saratoga Springs, New York on April 3rd, 1959. In high school, he received the Yaddo Medal as best dramatic arts student upon graduation in 1977. Pierce then went to Yale and graduated with a double major in English and theater arts. In 1981, he went to
    Recent Role: Director on Loonatics Unleashed
  • 13. Enrico Colantoni
    b.1963, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Enrico Colantoni is a Canadian actor on TV, film, and stage who is best known for his roles as Eliot DiMauro in Just Shoot Me and as Keith Mars, the loving and hip father of the title character in
    Recent Role: Director on Remedy
  • 14. Michael Weatherly
    b.1968, New York City
    Born on July 8th, 1968 in New York City and raised in Fairfield, CT, Michael Weatherly left college to pursue a career in acting. He also liked music and played in a band during the start of his acting career. He graduated from Brooks School in North Andover, Massachusetts,
    Recent Role: Director on NCIS
  • 15. Justin Berfield
    b.1986, Ventura County Califonia
    Justin has been acting since he was 5 years old. He has appeared on 4 sit-coms. "The Mommies", "The Good Life", "Unhappily Ever After" and currently "Malcolm in the Middle" He has appeared in commercials for Folgers Coffee and Colgate Toothpaste. Justin Is a third-degree
    Recent Role: Executive Producer on Sons of Tucson
  • 16. Alex Carter
    b.1964, Toronto, Ontario
    Studied at The Beverly Hills Playhouse. Went back to Canada to pursue his acting career. Among his theater roles, Carter has played Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire. Other performances include The Greeks, The American Clock, Breaks and Sweet Bird of Youth. He studied
    Recent Role: Writer on Family Guy
  • 17. Raven-Symone
    b.1985, Duluth, Georgia
    Raven was born in Duluth, Georgia in 1985 to her parents Christopher Pearman and Lydia Gaulden. She also has a brother called Blaize. She went to Webb Bridge Middle School and North Springs High School both in Atlanta. She graduated in 2003. She began her career as a child
    Recent Role: Executive Producer on The Cheetah Girls 2
  • 18. Anne Heche
    b.1969, Aurora, Ohio, USA
    A waifish blonde, Anne Heche (pronounced 'haytch') was still relatively unknown when she made headlines in April 1997 disclosing her relationship with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres. Almost immediately, there was speculation and questions about whether the actress' decision to reveal
    Recent Role: Producer on Save Me
  • 19. David Boreanaz
    b.1969, Buffalo, NY, USA
    David was born in Buffalo, New York and grew up in Philadelphia. As a child he dreamed of becoming an actor, and when he graduated high school he moved to New York and studied acting at Ithaca College. After college, he moved to Los Angeles.

    He got his first break

    Recent Role: Producer on Bones
  • 20. Jack Nicholson
    b.1937, Neptune, New Jersey, USA
    Born John Joseph Nicholson, on April 22.1937, in Neptune, New Jersey. After graduating from high school in New Jersey at age 17, Nicholson moved to Los Angeles, where he got a job as an office boy at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) film studio. He made his film debut in the 1958
    Recent Role: Writer on The Monkees
  • 21. Tom Selleck
    b.1945, Detroit, Michigan, USA
    His parents are Robert and Martha Selleck. His father was born in Slovakia, is Tom's tie to Eastern Europe. Robert is now a real estate investor for Selleck Properties. His mother was a homemaker. Tom was one of three of the Selleck's sons.

    He grew up in Sherman

    Recent Role: Writer on Jesse Stone
  • 22. David Duchovny
    b.1960, New York, New York, USA
    David Duchovny (August 7, 1960 - ) was born David William Duchovny in New York, New York. Best known for his starring role as Fox Mulder on the FOX sci fi drama series The X-Files and his recurring role as Jake Winters in the series Red Shoe diaries. He has also starred in
    Recent Role: Executive Producer on Californication