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  • The grand voice of Mai from avatar. this is a very good voice actor.

    Cricket Leigh is an actress as well as a voice-actress. She has appeared in Terra and The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down , in Avatar the Last Airbender as Mai, and Red Factor II as the voice of Tangier. She also is a freelance make-up artist in Los Angles and has many famous clients including Jesse McCartney. She is very telented. She portrays Mai on Avatar very well. She portrays Mai's goth theme just as realistic as it were in real life. Shes really cool and I think anyone on Avatar is really talented because they all make the characters so cool. I think everyone should watch Avatar! It has Cricket on it and the show is great and she is great so you should watch it. Mai is a a slacker, but one of the best friends of Azula. She gives off a gothic look and attitude, which is realistic. I like the way she plays her voice.