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Cris Abrego

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  • Dear Cris I am not sure if you remember me but we met back at CSUF. Hope all is well I see that you are doing great. I can also so see that you are doing part of what you enjoy hope this gets to you. Letti Estradamoreless

    Well I must say Cris is very creative but I knew this from the moment we met he has always been filled with many great ideas. Even when he got the chance to film Nixon's funeral in Placentia, he knew what a great honor it was. I wish him the best in life and may he keep working hard to become even greater at what he loves. I really hope Cris gets to read this review. I am sure he is married with at least one baby. I do wish him the best because even with our past I really can not say anything bad about him.

    Take care,

    Letti Estradamoreless