Cris Collinsworth

Cris Collinsworth


1/27/1959, Dayton, Ohio, USA

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Anthony Cris Collinsworth


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Cris was born in Dayton, Ohio, USA on January 27 1959. Cris has won eight Emmy Awrards, and played in the NFL. While playing in the NFL, he went to three pro-bowls and two superbowls. Cris retired in 1988, and currently is an announcer.


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    • Cris Collinsworth: Pam and Jim and Andy are illegally downloading a movie.

    • Cris Collinsworth: "If the Patriots had won ... I'm not sure there's quite the mystery."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "That little bit of a running game, and not allowing it to be pass, pass, pass all the time, made a difference."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "I don't know what Larry Fitzgerald's vertical leap is, but he looks like Michael Jordan playing out there to me ... If it's a tie, you just throw the ball up in the air and Larry Fitzgerald comes down with it."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "I think he'll be the coach in Kansas City."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "This is a running football team."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "This is about as interesting as I can remember the wild- card round being."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "I (once) told my mom what a fast dude I was. She said 'Don't brag!' I said, 'But it's true!' She said, 'OK, come with me.' She took me outside and beat me (in footraces) three straight, I swear! You don't mess around with Mom!"

    • Cris Collinsworth: "You get so spoiled when you have a player that draws the kind of attention that Randy Moss (did), ... You look for, 'Are there guys to double team?' And right now in this offense, there isn't."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "Probably more than anything else, he needs a wife, honestly, ... If he had a wife, the minute he takes after Donovan McNabb, his wife would have said, 'What are you doing? Pick up the telephone and call him and apologize. You're so out of line.'"

    • Cris Collinsworth: "Marvin is a father figure to Chad and calms him down,"

    • Cris Collinsworth: "He's a phenomenal talent who's made plays flipping upside down in the air,"

    • Cris: "He was almost one of those great athletes who remained a playground legend. He'll freely admit. He tried to flunk his way out of college because all he had passion for was playing ball."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "If this Packer team is sitting there at 2-8, the last six games absolutely have to go to (rookie) Aaron Rodgers."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "They couldn't run the football. Their only touchdown came on a blown coverage by the Carolina Panthers. Everybody questioned what would happen without Charlie Weis and if this is any indicator of it, it is going to be a tough season. Tom Brady at the Super Bowl was talking about it last year with us privately before the game and he was nervous about it. You could clearly tell that he was worried about going into this season without Charlie Weis."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "Oh, a Gregg Williams defense will blitz you."

    • Cris: "We lost the coin toss, and it went downhill from there."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "Mike's in a tough spot. There were some big expectations for this team, and they have to get it back on the right track. So I don't blame him."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "It takes Tice out of the position of being a head coach,"

    • Cris Collinsworth: "But I think that's the most important job on the coaching staff."

    • Cris: "How much has spending most of the offseason in prison affected Jamal Lewis' poor start?"

    • Cris Collinsworth: "Joe Gibbs once told me, 'If someone is going to hand me a pink slip someday, it's not going to be because of the plays someone else called. It's because I called the plays and it didn't work,'"

    • Cris Collinsworth: "when it was my turn to talk."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "From the beginning of time in the NFL, you need to distinguish what stars can get away with and what others can get away with, ... You can't tell me the Philadelphia Eagles wouldn't have loved to cut Terrell Owens. They can't cut him. He's too talented. They don't have people to replace him. You learn to tolerate stars and their antics."

    • Cris Collinsworth: "They've turned into begging lobbyists at best. Most of these guys for the entirety of their life have been the best athlete at what they have done. Now, they get in the NFL, and they are totally dependent on the offensive coordinator to call a pass play, choose you to be the primary receiver and then have the quarterback throw you the ball. They become salesman. After awile, they figure out how to get attention."

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    Cris was born in Dayton, Ohio, USA on January 27 1959. Cris has won eight Emmy Awrards, and played in the NFL. While playing in the NFL, he went to three pro-bowls and two superbowls. Cris is and was a great football player for the Bengals. I always thought he was a good player in the NFL. He went to two SuperBopwls and played in three Pro-Bowls. He's a great announcer too. Now he does commentary in Madden 010 and he did it in Madden '09 too. So that ends my review for Cris Collinsworth ok.

    Overall 10.0 10/10 Greatmoreless