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  • Sheer perfection. I can't even begin to describe how amazing he really is. Crispin Freeman's nothing but the best.

    If I had the opportunity to meet anyone, and I mean ANYONE in the entire world, it would be Crispin Freeman, no doubt about it. Basically, he's the greatest voice actor who ever lived. Absolutely no one can match his talent! His name will definitely go down in history. Obviously, I have nothing but the highest respect for Crispin, but it's much more than that. I respect everything he does, and everything he stands for. Did you know he sings opera? Good lord when I found out I almost died from a fangirl-attack. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! He's just an all over amazing human being. All of the characters who were dubbed by him have been instant favorites of mine because there's always so much powerful emotion and passion in their voices! Especially with Holland (Eureka Seven), Hagi (Blood+), and Itachi (Naruto). The way he can portray any and every emotion, from deep sadness and sorrow to pure happiness, with simply his tone of voice is beyond incredible. He puts so much effort and passion into his work, and the effect is phenomenal. Crispin can voice act anyone from Hideki (Chobits) to Alucard (Hellsing), and if you ask me, that takes an absolutely INSANE amount of skill! I'm convinced that Crispin could pull off voice acting for anyone. It's almost as though he becomes a part of each character he acts for because he gets so into what he does, and the effect is just ingenious. I remember when I watched Howl's Moving Castle for the first time. It was towards the end of the movie, and all of a sudden I heard a very familiar voice. Immediately I knew it was Crispin. Hahaha, I completely spazzed out His tone was just so calm and adorable, I had been used to Holland's (from Eureka Seven) strong and commanding voice. His vocal range is so incredible. Not to mention just how sexy his voice really is. x3 I've never heard someone with such a unique sound, it just makes my heart melt! When I hear his voice in a show, I get chills. He's just so good at what he does. It's come to the point where I can't imagine anyone else voice acting for his characters. I mean, c'mon. Can you imagine anyone but Crispin doing Itachi's voice (Naruto) without cringing? I can't. Another amazing aspect of his personality is that he's so sweet! You'd think that the fame would've gone to his head; someone who's come across so much success would be stuck up, but not him. It's really the opposite. On youtube, he seems like the sweetest guy ever! His fans mean the world to him, and he never denies anyone an autograph. When I meet him, I'll probably die from happiness. I'll stop now so this doesn't get to fangirlish. Hopefully you understand how I feel. Crispin Freeman, the mere sound of his voice warms my heart. Without him, english dubs would never be the same.
  • Okay, so as much as I want to act professional when writing a review, it couldn't hurt to be a little fangirly, could it? Because Crispin Freeman has an absolutely sexy voice. ^_^

    You may know Crispin Freeman best as his roles for Itachi Uchiha in Naruto, or Hagi from Blood+, but his talents go far beyond just these black-haired boys with a sexy voice over. Crispin Freeman was also Ebisu (yes, Konohamau's "pervy" sensei), and the Fourth Kazekage from the sand village in Naruto. He also did Joel Goldschmidt the sixth and Van Argeno (the french-candy loving guy), along with other appearances in movies like Howl's Moving Castle, and many shows including Wolf's Rain, Chobits, and even Will Turner in video games such as Kingdom Hearts. His range of voices is so wide, it might take one a while to notice (or rather, they might not even notice at all) all of his voiceovers in one show alone. He's a truly talented voice actor with a voice that just about any girl would fall in love with.
  • I like all the cartoons he had made (the voices), specially Hagi in Blood +.

    I like all the cartoons he had made (the voices), specially Hagi in Blood +. I like that anime a lot is well made. I didn't even know that he do the voice of the Fourth Hokage in Naruto, is good to know. He is really, really talented. I believe that he is going to be around for a long time. He deserve more scripts in the world of anime and out of it. My opinion is that he have done every character, the ones he does the voices, unique, special and well done characters that you can enjoy it no matter what.
  • Wow Crispin Freeman has done so many voices on Shows that I Love

    Well I think Crispin Freeman is Awesome he does Holland On eureka which is my favorite show ever!!!!also does so many other voices that I Love seem like such a nice guy wish I could see him at an anime convention but I haven't.Also from all the interviews he seem like very down to earth person also when they talk with him at an interviews doesn't sound like any of the poeple he does on hes the anime shows at all. I really Like all voices he does and think hes very talented in many ways with his voice he brings life to every person he does I hope he keep doing voice acting for ever!!
  • Crispin Freeman was a sweetest and humbled person whenever i saw the vids of him from the,like all the fans are screaming and cheering for him..I wish i could there and meet him and so is the other actors like Scott McNeil,Matt Hill,etc.

    Crispin Freeman you are really amazing,Im so happy i had you in,but i dont have for yahoo but i also join the fanclub from myspace as well!!I was a huge fan of your role of Alucard that he has done very well and i cant hardly wait that youre returing Alucard of the Ultimate Hellsing OVA!!Crispin Freeman,you are a very sweetest man that i ever could imagine, about your work of alucard from hellsing..My god you\\\'re so awsome in my heart!!i was so dying of his work and his voice too!!
  • A versatile and outstanding actor. The rare person to deserve all accolades given.

    There are few actors who would make me pick up a movie or series solely based on them being involved in it, but Crispin Freeman is one of those few. He takes any production he's involved in and elevates it to a higher quality. He gives marvelously complex and nuanced performances in everything he does. He can take a small part (for example, Joker in "Read or Die") and make the viewer involved and interested in them; when he has a lead part (such as Alucard in "Hellsing" or Shannon Cassul in "Scrapped Princess") he dominates the cast. I rarely give anyone such effusive praise, but rarely can I think of an actor without even one role that wasn't top quality. Check out anything (everything) Crispin Freeman has done- you won't be disapointed.
  • In America, there aren\'t a whole lot of Voice Actors who can not only voice act many different characters, but actually voice them WELL. Out of the many VAs for our favorite anime in the States, only a real handful are exceptional.

    Crispin Freeman is one of those Voice Actors who is as
    every bit as good, if not better than whatever Japanese
    counterpart to the character he plays.

    I 1st heard his vocal talents used in Hellsing, where he
    played the very dark-voiced Alucard, and Crispin nailed
    him perfectly, in tone, and attitude. When it comes to
    characters you expect to have a deep, very intimidating
    and strong voice, Crispin does it well. Tsume from Wolf\'s
    Rain, Balmung from .hack//Dusk, and even Seigfried from
    Soul Calibur III. Keep in mind that most Dubbed video
    games suck.

    And surprisingly, he can even play comical characters to
    perfection. S-cry-Ed\'s Straight Cougar, (Who also talks
    very fast, which may I add, he pulled off EXTREMELY WELL).

    Even crazy villains like Alan Gabriel from The Big O!.

    When Crispin is given a character, he gives the character
    justice, something that was very much needed here in the U.S.

    By far my favorite VA, and I\'ve heard/seen a LOT of them.
    At least, he\'s my favorite male VA.
  • A fantastic voice actor

    If you've watched any recent anime, you've probably heard his voice. And that's a very good thing, as every character he voices fits perfectly in all of the characters he does. Alucard may be his most well-known character, and he does a fantastic job here. Alucard sounds arrogant and sadistic exactly as one would expect him to be after reading the manga or watching the series in japanese. It fits perfectly. He voices the character Albel in tri-Ace's "Star Ocean: Till the End of Time" much the same way, proving he can do video game voices just as well.

    Crispin doesn't just do "badass" voices, though. The character of Straight Cougar from "s-CRY-ed" and Hideki from "Chobits" are both more normal characters, but once again his voice captures their respective personalities just as well.
  • A great voice actor!

    Crispin Freeman, from what I've seen, does great work. His voice-overs are often humorous, and at the least, very charismatic. Anyone will surely take a liking to the characters he plays, and that is, in no small way, due to Crispin's performance. I wouldn't call him "ground-breaking" (but what do I know about voice acting? The answer, nothing really!), but definitely memorable.

    My decision to write this "review" of praise is mainly based on Crispin's role as Alucard in "Hellsing". I just love his voice. You take a look at Alucard, and then you hear Crispin doing his voice, and it's a just a wonderful match. No one could do Alucard better. He's characteristically "baddass" (a vampire that shoots huge guns loaded with silver, it's not really surprising that such a character would have cheezy one-liners, in all honesty), but he just does it so well, you won't even mind it at all. Surely his performance overshadows even the native Japanese dubbing -which sounds gruff and badass, but not nearly vampiric and weird enough.

    And secondly, Crispin pulls off Hideki from "Chobits" really well too. He captures his experiences as an out-of-high-school kid trying to get into college, pretty new to the "real world" convincingly. And also, he injects that perverse quality that is so much a part of Hideki into the character without being really annoying and stupid, which was one of my worries concerningly this "mildly ecchi" anime series.

    So yes, Crispin is excellent, and it would be cool if I saw him appear in more anime series. (And of course he'd have to reprise the role of "Alucard" if one those OAV's is ever released. :) )
  • Crispin freeman is a well know voice actor, you hear him and you know its him.

    Crispin freeman is a well know voice actor, you hear him and you know its him, he does a wide range of voices Including many hottie anime characters.In my eyes he deserves a 10 because he is in a lot of anime and always make you come back for more just to hear his voice.Oh and he gets another 100 point becuse his name is Crispin, :)