Cristi Harris

Cristi Harris


12/3/1977, East Point, Georgia

Birth Name

Cristi Ellen Harris



Also Known As

Cristi Ellen Harris
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Cristi Harris is an American actress who is probably most recognized by television audiences as "Emily Davis" on the short lived NBC soap opera Sunset Beach. A true Georgia Peach, Cristi's beauty helped her land a contract with the world famous Wilhelmina Modeling Agency as well as another…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2000, Cristi auditioned for the role of "Michelle Bauer Santos" on the long running CBS soap opera Guiding Light, which was being vacated by actress Joie Lenz. Unfortunately she lost the part to Nancy St. Alban.

    • When she was a child, Cristi's family moved all over the United States. She has lived in Illinois, Colorado, Hawaii, New York and California.

    • Cristi's first television commercial was for Doritos. Her co-star in the ad was an up-and-coming actor named Tobey Maguire.

    • Cristi is represented professionally by Bobby Ball Agency/BBA Models in Universal City, California.

    • Cristi took a short break from acting in the mid-90s. During that time she held several jobs including waitress and hostess.

    • Cristi says the best advice she ever got about her career was from her grandfather who told her, 'As long as you live by what you feel, you're not going to make a mistake. If you don't have a problem with it, don't let anybody else make you feel like you should.' She says that advice helped her when other members of her family reacted badly to some decisions she made in her career.

    • Cristi says her biggest fear is to be on her deathbed and realizing that she never "lived life."

    • Cristi dropped out of school after the tenth grade. She says she was bored with school and wanted to attend college classes, so she got her GED and enrolled in college.

    • In the late 1990s Cristi began taking opera classes to help her develop her singing voice. It's her dream to one day win a Grammy Award.

    • In 1999 Cristi's Sunset Beach character, Emily, was rendered blind. In order to make her scenes more believable, Cristi visited The Braille Institute in Los Angeles to talk to men and women about their blindness. She also walked around her house with a blindfold around her eyes to simulate blindness.

    • When Cristi was 15 years old she was offered the chance to move to Milan, Italy for a modeling job, but she turned down the offer. She says that is one of her biggest regrets of her life.

    • Cristi says one of her most embarrassing moments was the time she was in the grocery store, buying her own birthday cake, and a fan recognized her.

    • Cristi has a "Bacon Number" of 2.
      She was in Rescue Me with William Lucking,
      William was in The River Wild with Kevin Bacon.

    • While still working as a model, Cristi began taking acting lessons between her various modeling gigs. She became interested in acting while visiting her brother, Jeff, on the set of The Kid Who Loved Christmas where he was working as the assistant director.

    • Cristi is a big fan of Tom Hanks, Eric Stoltz, Julia Roberts, and Meryl Streep.

    • In 1999 Cristi had laser surgery to correct her eyesight. Prior to the surgery she wore contact lenses, which she said she "hated."

  • Quotes

    • Cristi: (on her decision to become an actress) They wanted me to be happy, but really hoped that the desire to be an actress would end up just being a phase. Once my family realized that there just was no swaying me, they wound up encouraging and supporting me. Up until then, my dream was to have the husband, the children...just like my family. I still harbor those wants; my priorities just have shifted a little.

    • Cristi: I am not a person who gets anything through luck. Although I'm open for things to change.

    • Cristi: People should have the right to tape conversations, because, in certain situations, that may be the only way to trap someone who deserves punishment.

    • Cristi: (on her appearance in the movie "Night of the Demons Part II") I was the ingenue character. I got to scream a lot. I'm a great screamer. All I did was run around screaming, and I got to kill somebody, too.

    • Cristi: I know that the nature of the [entertainment] business is that there are times when you work and times when you don't work. But you just have to have faith that the right project will come to you.

    • Cristi: To me, nudity isn't a big deal. I was brought up believing that it's not dirty or bad. It's your body. I feel violence is much worse than nudity. I would rather have a child view a naked body than look at the blatant violence that they're allowed to watch.

    • Cristi: I am very lazy sometimes. I find myself so comfortable and relaxed in my apartment that I don't want to leave. I become very much a recluse.