Crystal Bernard

Crystal Bernard


9/30/1961, Garland, Texas (USA)

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Crystal Bernard


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Crystal Bernard is an actress who has been acting since she got her break on Gimmie a Break in 1982 as the character Kelly. She is also an accomplished singer and songwriter and has written songs for people such as Paula Abdul, Lisa Stansfield, Tracie Spencer, and Debbie…more


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    • Crystal: We actors have to be conscious of ourselves; there's vanity involved. There's a competitiveness. There's something that's not appealing to me about myself that I try to get away from. I'm constantly trying. To see that in others, that doesn't feel like home to me.

    • Crystal: I knew that I did not want to be a statistic, that I wanted happiness within, and I wanted to be present because I knew what a great mover I was. I could move things and make things happen.

  • I'm waiting to see her return to television.

    Crystal Bernhard is one of the best reason why I watch "Whigs" every week. She is very sexy and I'm in love with her. I wrote a few letters of support to the actress. I heard a while back that she had cut a record. ,I hope I get to hear it some day. I don't know what she's up to today, but one thing's certain, I miss her very much. Has she married? I don't know. All I canb say that I miss Crystal Bernard very much and I hope she return in form or another someday. Can't stop thinking about her.moreless
  • Crystal Bernard is definitely one of TV's most loved stars.

    There's certain actresses I look at and I see the one role I want to see them play. Beautiful, smart and funny, Crystal has proved she can do comedy, and she's also had a successful singing career. She started out as a cute ingenue on "Happy Days," graduated to a wise-cracking waitress on "It's A Living" and became a sex-symbol on "Wings," but the one role I could definitely see her do would be as an action-type super-hero or goddess-figure, the type of character who casts spells or saves the world from the forces of darkness. Or maybe its just because I cast all beautiful blonde actresses as Helen Slater replacements in the Supergirl costume. If anything, it means to be that Crystal's acting career is not yet over and there's so many roles she has yet to do.moreless