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    • Crystal opened a shop in Clearwater, FL, called My Pet's Dream, where she sells her clothing line for pets.

    • Crystal was in an anti-drug advertisment with N-sync.She also did a commercial for Disney.

    • Crystal has left "Guiding Light." Her last airdate was January 31, 2006.

      She lives in LA with her mom.

    • She was Emmy nominated for Best Younger Actress in 2005.

    • Crystal began competing in pageants when she was six-months old.
      Crystal is close friends with Brittany Snow. (ex- Susan Lemay on Guiding Light.)
      She is a licensed boater.
      She auditioned for GL prior to 2003, but did not get the part.
      Casting directors for GL asked Crystal to audition for the role of "Lizzie."
      She missed her senior prom because she was busy working.
      Crystal loves starbucks.
      She also loves to shop.
      Roxy is her real dog.

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