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  • arrogant

    This Guy is pathetic. I can’t believe he is still on the show. He may have done great things in the past but now is worthless. He just feels the need to degrade people. Obviously this gut thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can’t believe that no one has put him in his place. He brings nothing to the show accept an arrogant attitude. He thinks he is better then everyone he talks to. Nothing like asking a question and not letting someone answer.moreless
  • This is for the guy below who dissed my dad curt chaplin

    This is to the person below who wrote this...ur a piece of talented try to do all that this man has done. By the way curt chaplin is my father..yea thats right im his daughter..he has worked his butt off and is one of the most famous broadcasters america has seen and highest know nothing about make me sick...if u were to try to do everything curt has done youd fail at it all...hes at least narrated 60 videos..has had 56677 commericals..hosted three gamewhows..and obviosuly america must love him if hes been on the peoples court for 10 years..he also hosted a famous radio station..ur clueless...your a dang laughing in your face right now...your an idiotmoreless