Curt Hennig

Curt Hennig


3/28/1958, Pittsburgh, PA



Birth Name

Curtis Michael Hennig



Also Known As

Mr. Perfect
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Curt Hennig, who went by the ring name of "Mr. Perfect", was an American professional wrestler. He wrestled in American Wrestling Association, World Wrestling Federation, and World Championship Wrestling.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Curt is 6 foot 3.

    • Curt was trained in wrestling by Verne Gagne, Larry Hennig, & Stu Hart.

    • At Wrestlemania IX, Curt lost to Lex Luger.

    • Hennig battled injuries throughout most of the early 1990s. While recovering he acted as Ric Flair's "executive consultant" and helped him win, two WWE Heavyweight Championships.

    • Curt is a former member of the famous WCW faction, the "Four Horseman."

    • After almost two years of competing in the WWF he was undefeated in 150 straight wrestling matches. His streak was halted on December 1, 1989 in Austin, Texas when Terry "Hulk" Hogan pinned "Mr. Perfect".

    • In 1992 was sidelined with severe back injuries, spent his time as a WWF commentator and manager during that period. He would later make a comeback to the ring in 1997, but by that time he was signed with WCW.

    • He is the son of Larry "The AX" Hennig, who was also a star in AWA.

    • Curt is a 1-time WCW World Tag Team Champion, with Barry Windham.

    • "WWE Magazine" once stated that Curt Hennig was the man who came up with Shawn Michaels most famous nickname, "The Heartbreak Kid".

    • In February 2007, WWE confirmed that it would be producing a two disc DVD set focusing on Hennig's career, titled "The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect".

    • At WrestleMania X, Hennig was a special guest referee for the title match between Lex Luger and Yokozuna. Hennig disqualified Luger after Lex put his hands on him, instead of counting the pin.

    • Curt Hennig is a 1-time WCW United States Champion. He won the title from Steve McMichael and lost it to Diamond Dallas Page.

    • In 2002, Curt returned to the WWE, as a competitor in the WWE Royal Rumble. He was one of the last 3 people in the Rumble, until HHH eliminated him.

    • On May 2, 1987, Curt won his first Heavyweight Championship, in the AWA.

    • Curt is a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion.

    • Leonice, Hennig's wife, signed a WWE legends contract on behalf of her husband.

    • Macho Man Randy Savage wrote a song about Mr. Perfect. The song was entitled, "My Perfect Friend".

    • Curt Hennig died on February 10, 2003. The cause of his death is noted as acute cocaine intoxication.

    • A list of Curt Hennigs on screen managers:
      * Bobby Heenan
      * Rick Rude
      * Coach
      * The Genius
      * Madusa

    • Hennig was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the year of 2007.

    • Hennig's Move Set:

      *Perfect-Plex / Hennig-Plex
      *Perfect-DDT / Hennig-DDT
      *Belly to back suplex pin
      *Rolling neck snap
      *Swinging knee lift
      *Backhand chop
      *Standing or running dropkick
      *Atomic drop
      *Indian deathlock variation
      *Figure four leglock

    • Curt Hennig started his career in the AWA, where he won the World Heavyweight Championship, and the World Tag Team Championships(W/ Scott Hall).

    • Hennig signed with WCW in 1997, with both the Four Horsemen and the nWo trying to recruit him. After feuding with Diamond Dallas Page for a month he joined the Four Horsemen, taking the spot of the retiring Arn Anderson. A few weeks later, during a War Games match, he betrayed them and joined the nWo alongside his childhood friend, Rick Rude, claiming to have "destroyed the Horsemen." Hennig won the United States Title from Steve McMichael in late 1997 before losing it to Diamond Dallas Page three months later.

    • The character of "Mr. Perfect" was created upon arriving in the WWF. Hennig spent weeks shooting promos for his new persona. These clips showed him hitting a 3 point shot, or sinking a long golf putt to solidify his claim as being a superior athelete in anything he did. He would go undefeated for over a year, adding to his claim of perfection. That record came to an end when he began feuding with Hulk Hogan over the WWF Championship in 1989.

    • Hennig's first big push was with his father in a feud with the Road Warriors in 1985. The Hennigs were unsuccessful in their bid to win the tag titles, but proved to be worthy opponents for the Road Warriors, an attempt by the AWA to raise Curt's clout amongst the fans.

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