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  • the host of new show TAKE HOME CHEF

    Charming, personable and talented are three words that best describe newcomer to the TLC channel\'s line up of shows, Curtis Stone.

    He is the host of the show TAKE HOME CHEF. He shyly yet enthusiastically approaches unsuspecting grocery shoppers and offers to go home with them and whip up some gourmet meal at their home for them and loved ones. He even foots the bill for the meal.

    He offers easy-to-do cooking advice which is good for the novice or the skilled foodie. He is funny and light-hearted and gets along with everyone-- even the person who walks through the door to a zoo of production staff and camera people clustered around yelling \"Surprise!\"

    It doesn\'t hurt that he\'s also attractive, has an Australian accent and is young.

    If he approached me in the grocery store, I\'d take him home. We can worry about the fact that my oven doesn\'t work later.