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  • Cybill Shepherd:My favorite actress.

    Cybill Shepherd has been my favorite actress since I was 9 years old.I was reading the Fall Preview issue of the TV Guide in 1983 when I saw a photo of the cast of The Yellow Rose,I showed it to my mother and said "she's pretty".I watched the show and loved it, unfortunately it only lasted one season.At this time and at this age I did not realize what a long and winding career Cybill had. Next up Moonlighting, I was 11 when it came on in March 1985.I thought this was the most brilliant and exciting series I had ever seen, 25 years later I still believe that.It was an amazing time to be a fan of hers, she was everywhere talk shows, award shows, magazines it was a phenomenon.It was at this time I discovered she had been a successful model and had been in movies like The Last Picture Show,The Heartbreak Kid and Taxi Driver.I read everything about her. Then came Cybill, her comedy series where Cybill brought so much attention to women's issues that up until that time had been too taboo to talk about.It was a groundbreaking show. She has done so much amazing television and movie and yes even music you could never list it all here.She is an activist for civil rights and equal rights.Because from Cybill I learned there is always a real and caring person and a very talented one behind a pretty face. She is a legend and one of the best.
  • I just love her!

    I primarily know this woman from Moonlighting, the role of Maddie Hayes played to perfection (that's why noone has managed to do a recast, you know). Once she got me hooked on that show I've had the fortune of seeing her in other movies and tv shows, including her own show <i>Cybill</i>. She is so darn funny in everything she does, I admire that she isn't afraid of making fun of herself to create some hilarious comedy. Looking very good while doing it too, and I know I can't wait to see her in the L word! That's yet another thing I love about her, she's not afraid to do something new, no matter what age.