Cynda Williams

Cynda Williams


1/1/1966, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Cynda Williams


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Cynda Williams is a Chicago born actress, who has worked in both feature films and television. Williams got her big break after director Spike Lee cast her in his hit urban musical, Mo' Better Blues, in 1990. She earned a lead role opposite Billy Bob Thornton two years…more


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  • Cynda Williams has been an actress for quite a while. She has starred in a lot of movies, but has not reached the level of success she hopes to reach someday.moreless

    Cynda Williams is not a well known actress. If one was to mention her, they might percieve her to be a lower rated actress. She has accomplished much as an actress. If she were given a chance to act in better movies with more well known actors, people would appreciate her more. Cynda Williams has grace, charm, poise, and an ability to disguise her demeanor appropriately. She has proven a lot to me, and if she was given more of a chance she would convince others that shes praiseworthy. I hope that I will see much more of Cynda in the future.moreless