Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper


6/22/1953, Ozone Park, Queens, New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper



Also Known As

Mona Flambè
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Cyndi Lauper was born in Brooklyn in 1953. Her father is named Fred Lauper and her mother Catrine Dominique. She has a brother, Fred and a sister, Ellen. She began to play the guitar and write lyrics at the age of twelve. She sang with many cover bands…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1995, Cyndi won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series playing Marianne Lugasso on Mad About You: Money Changes Everything.

    • Cyndi was ranked #58 on VH1's 'Greatest Women of Rock & Roll'.

    • Cyndi was honored by PFLAGG for her support of gay families, after she appeared with her lesbian sister in a PFLAGG sponsored campaign in 2005.

    • Cyndi was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame on October 16, 2006.

    • Cyndi's 3rd album A Night To Remember was released on May 23, 1989. It produced one hit 'I Drove All Night', which was originally written for Roy Orbison.

    • Cyndi co-produced The Body Acoustic with Rick Chertoff, an album of re-released hits, done in acoustic form. She re-sings all of her hits, from 'Time After Time' to the fast-paced 'She-Bop'.

    • Cyndi directed the commercial for the new Trivial Pursuit 'Totally 80s' edition board game.

    • Cyndi performed at the closing ceremonies of the Gay Games VII at Chicago's Wrigley Field, clad in a rainbow lady liberty outfit.

    • Cyndi played in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 3, 2006 to help raise food for children in the area, having each concert-goer donate a few cans of food at the door.

    • Cyndi took part in a play and sang a special live performance to honor the late Matthew Shephard, on what would have been his 30th birthday on December 1, 2006. All of the proceeds went to the programs of the Matthew Shephard Foundation. Matthew was beat to death in a rural town for being a gay man.

    • Cyndi joined Alicia Keys and other artists at the Great Wall of China, to perform for thousands of Chinese fans, the proceeds went to a Chinese Children's charity group.

    • Cyndi injured her leg during her opening performance for Cher at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City. She snagged the heel of her shoe on a staircase that lead up to the stage, causing her to fall and twist her ankle badly. After performing the remainder of her act from a chair, she was taken to St. Anthony Hospital and treated for a sprain and bruises.

    • Cyndi participated in 1985's USA for Africa's relief fundraising-benefit-single 'We Are The World'.

    • Cyndi performs with rapper Shaggy on 'All Through The Night', and with Japanese pop group Puffy Ami Yumi for 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'.

    • Cyndi made her film debut in 1988, playing a psychic in search for a city of gold in South America, alongside Peter Falk and Jeff Goldblum in Vibes.

    • Cyndi sang the theme song for the television series Pee-Wee's Playhouse, credited as Ellen Shaw.

    • Cyndi met David Thornton on the set of the movie Off and Running in 1991, and they married on November 24, 1991. Lil Richard performed the ceremony uniting them, and Patti LaBelle sang, and was later named Godmother to their son, Declyn.

    • Cyndi was inspired to play music by Ruth Gordon's free-spirited character 'Maude',who had a closet full of instruments that she played in Harold and Maude.

    • Cyndi's hit single 'Time After Time' has been covered by over 70 artists.

    • Cyndi contributed to the WWF wrestling album under the alias 'Mona Flambe', as a background singer.

    • Cyndi showed up at the Grammy Awards to collect her winnings with WWF star Hulk Hogan, who played her bodyguard. In return, as a cross promotion, she accompanied him to various 'Rock N' Wrestling' events.

    • Cyndi got her big break in 1984, selling nine million copies of her debut album She's So Unusual, and winning her first of four Grammy Awards for 'Best New Artist'.

    • Cyndi started performing as a vocalist with various cover bands in the mid 1970s in the New York metroploitan area. She covered hits from: Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Bad Company, and The Doors.

    • Cyndi learned how to play the guitar at age twelve, and wrote her own song lyrics. She dropped out of high school to pursue her musical career, traveling to Canada and back to New York.

    • Cyndi was kicked out of Catholic School three times, the first time was when she was nine years old, and her mother divorced her father. The Catholic church didn't agree with this broken union, and threw her and her sister out.

    • Cyndi met David Wolf while singing in a local New York bar in 1981, and he took over as her manager, getting her signed with Portrait Records, a branch of Columbia Records.

    • Cyndi claimed bankruptcy after the release of her album with the Blue Angels failed. Before achieving musical fame, she worked at New York high-end thrift store Screaming Mimi's.

    • Cyndi played Michael J. Fox's secretary in Life with Mikey in 1993.

    • She was the first female to have four consecutive Billboard Hot 100 top-five hits from one album.

    • Cyndi's musical career could have finished before it began when she nearly quit singing altogether due to strained vocal chords in 1977, instead she took a year off to train with a vocal coach. She regained her voice and returned to music in 1978, with the band Blue Angel, they released a self-titled album in 1980 on Polydor records.

    • Cyndi Lauper was born Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper on June 22, 1953 in Ozone Park, New York to Swiss German-American Fred Lauper and Sicilian Italian-American Catrine Dominique.

    • Cyndi sang on The Goonies soundtrack. Her song was called Goonies R Good Enough.

    • Known for her outrageous antics, perhaps her wildest yet was appearing at a 1997 Halloween ball to raise money for AMFAR dressed as a belly dancer - when she was nine months pregnant. She drolly vogued it up for the tabloid paparazzi, who eagerly snapped hundreds of photos of her.

  • Quotes

    • Cyndi: It is not a dirty word, "feminism." I just think that women belong in the human population with the same rights as everybody else. ... The problem is, "A feminist looks like this, or is like that." We are taught not to like ourselves as women, we are taught what we're supposed to look like, what our measurements are supposed to be. I never hear what measurements men are supposed to be. Just women.

    • Cyndi: Sometimes my mind boggles. It's so deep my mind actually boggles.

    • Cyndi: Humour is a great vehicle for getting a message across. If you get too serious, you could die of starch.

    • Cyndi: I get the greatest feeling when I'm singing. It's other-worldly. Your feet are anchored into the Earth and into this energy force that comes up through your feet and goes up the top of your head and maybe you're holding hands with the angels or the stars, I have no idea.

    • Cyndi: When I sing I don't feel like it's me. I feel I am fabulous, like I'm 10 feet tall. I am the greatest. I am the strongest. I am Samson. I'm whoever I want to be.

    • Cyndi: Somebody did complain to me and tell me that my clothes were so loud they couldn't hear me sing.

  • Pop Queen to Music Legend

    She came into being the same time as Madonna and was quickly eclipsed by the Material Girl. She's gone from the cartoonish girl with the voice to a sexy diva with class. I've got to be the only person in the world who considers Cyndi as a sex symbol. Wandering through my dreams at night, she now eclipses Madonna as the one I'd like to be with. I don't think she's aware of her sexuality or how attractive she really is, but I love Cyndi from her incredible singing to her wonderful tact as a comedy actress. May she last forever.moreless