Cynthia Addai-Robinson

Cynthia Addai-Robinson


London, England

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  • Versatile, beautiful and underappreciated

    When the original actress that played Naevia (Lesley Ann Brandt) decided to leave Spartacus, I was initially disappointed. But it turns out it was actually for the better. Not only is Cynthia a more capable actress, but her chemistry with Manu Bennett (who plays Crixus) blows anything that Naevia did in the first season out of the water. She is Naevia.

    As seen in her other minor roles in CSI, Numb3rs, Dallas, etc. she can play a wide variety of characters. She now plays Amanda Waller on Arrow, and is only getting better.moreless
  • Vengeance

    The New Nevia has been,hunted down, brutalised,hair chopped off. One must remember that rape is a violation of the victim's physical self. She is void of her usual methods of coping and psychologically damaged. Naevia's character was focused on dealing with the troubles of a slave woman hampered by the abuse and rape by the Romans.

    The character was not developed to showcase her beauty.She is beautiful.It demands her to be an actor, and not a reality show wannabe actor. We really like New Naevia's character and what she represents, after all women played a key role in helping Spartacus recruit more into his growing legion of insurgents. This series has a special relevance for today's world."to understand today's challenges, one must know history and all its characters" Kudos to DeKnight for showcasing the struggles and oppression women have faced throughout history and especially in the Roman times. There are untold strong women: Lucretia, Illythia, Naevia, Mira, Saxa. These remarkable women used the little power they had to fight and survive and were a force to reckon with.Great to see that they are moving forward with season 3 with much focus on Naeviamoreless