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  • Versatile and underappreciated!

    When the original actress that played Naevia (Lesley Ann Brandt) decided to leave Spartacus, I was initially disappointed. But it ended up turning out for the best. Not only was Cynthia a more capable actress to handle the new material, but her chemistry with Manu Bennett was far stronger; it was organic dynamic between two people. Whereas before, the only thing Crixus and Naevia really did was make out and/or have sex (and perhaps exchange a few words here and there, but never a full conversation). And while raunchy love scenes and declarations of love behind bars with the first actress is what more simple minded people will immediately conclude as better chemistry, that was not needed with the new actress. They only needed to look at one another to convey the same feeling of emotion (it is quite remarkable that she and Bennett never had any real love scenes in this show). For me, the character Naevia did not feel like a real person until Cynthia stepped into the role. Forever grateful that the original actress was replaced.

    As seen in her other minor roles (Colombiana, CSI, Numb3rs, Dallas, etc). she can play a wide variety of characters. Cynthia now plays Amanda Waller on "Arrow". She currently plays the best live action adaption of this character. Easily could have played as angry and over the top, but instead, calm and collected, with a soothing voice.

    Cynthia continues to grow more as an actress with her newest turn in "Texas Rising". As Emily West she speaks with much style and flare, and over the series have shown every side of a multifaceted character; sadness, vengeful, seductive, rage, caring, vulnerable. Probably her best role yet.
  • Promising actress!

    First time I paid attention to Naevia as an separate character, when I saw her huge eyes full of horror at the scene of salvation from the Roman soldiers in the forest. She played the scene with amazing accuracy. Cynthia Addai-Robinson submits material with fearlessness and ruthlessness to herself, which suggests that she is an brave woman and actress with great potential. Dissatisfaction of Naevia by Spartacus fans has many unfair reasons. This is primarily too young age of most of Spartacus fans, hatred of society towards people mentally ill as a result of abuse and the fact that in our society still gender stereotypes prevails. Attitude to Naevia (Cynthia) says about how society is not yet ready actually to the fact that there may live women with fearless character. Naevia does not fit into the traditional view of women! Weak men are afraid them and therefore hate and some women envy to the fact that Naevia behaves as she sees fit but her boyfriend supports her and continues to idolize.

    Wonderful acting in such scenes as training with Crixus, the execution of Ashur, attempt of suicide with a knife in her hands, Crixus execution, with the head of Crixus in Spartacus camp, talking with Cora, the fight with Tiberius, etc. It should be noted that she did a fine job with the roles in the "Arrow" and "Dallas" series.

    Cynthia Addai-Robinson is a deep dramatic and presumably comedy actress. But I'm please to notice that Cynthia Addai-Robinson has indomitable will and won't deviate from intended path. New interesting roles for talented actress.
  • Vengeance

    The New Nevia has been,hunted down, brutalised,hair chopped off. One must remember that rape is a violation of the victim's physical self. She is void of her usual methods of coping and psychologically damaged. Naevia's character was focused on dealing with the troubles of a slave woman hampered by the abuse and rape by the Romans.

    The character was not developed to showcase her beauty.She is beautiful.It demands her to be an actor, and not a reality show wannabe actor. We really like New Naevia's character and what she represents, after all women played a key role in helping Spartacus recruit more into his growing legion of insurgents. This series has a special relevance for today's world."to understand today's challenges, one must know history and all its characters" Kudos to DeKnight for showcasing the struggles and oppression women have faced throughout history and especially in the Roman times. There are untold strong women: Lucretia, Illythia, Naevia, Mira, Saxa. These remarkable women used the little power they had to fight and survive and were a force to reckon with.Great to see that they are moving forward with season 3 with much focus on Naevia