Cynthia Dale





Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Cynthia Ciurluini




Cynthia Ciurluini was born in 1960 in Etobicoke, Ontario. She has 2 sisters (Jennifer and Loretta) and a brother (Vincent), all of them in showbiz. In 1965, sisters Jennifer Dale, then 9, and Cynthia Dale, then 5, went to their first audition - together - got the job and have been in show business ever since. Jennifer played Baby June in Gypsy at the Royal Alexandra Theatre; Cynthia was in the chorus.

Cynthia was a Tommy Hunter Show regular and appeared on Wayne & Shusters. In the 70's Cynthia and Jennifer worked modeling knit ponchos and were teased in school. Cynthia had appeared in over 75 TV commercials by the time she was 12. In 1972 she appeared in CBC's Emily Carr musical biography, she played the artist as a child while her sister, Jennifer, played Emily's sister. Cynthia made her movie debut in the Canadian slasher flick, My Bloody Valentine (1981), and danced her way aerobically through Heavenly Bodies (1984) as a jazzercise instructor who works out for nine hours to save her gym.

In 1983 Cynthia made her first appearance in Stratford Festival. She worked on The Mikado and The Gondoliers, but had an unfortunate and quite embarrassing incident where she fell into an orchestra pit. After years of dancing, stage productions, the occasional TV guest spots and movie parts, Dale was brought down to New York in 1987 to appear in an off-Broadway play. A role in the musical Pal Joey won Cynthia a Dora Mavor Moore Award as a best actress.

In 1988, six month after moving to New York, Cynthia was cast in Street Legal as Olivia Novak, one of the most ruthless characters on Canadian TV. It was her portrayal of the resident vixen in a fictitious Toronto law firm that catapulted Dale to television stardom from 1988-94. Following Street Legal, Cynthia starred in another TV series – Taking the Falls. She played a tomboyish private detective Terry Lane. But due to a poor response the show was cancelled after the first season. Dale had only agreed to the part because producers promised to salvage her image, which had become linked to the manipulative character of Olivia Novak on Street Legal, who was more often than not the villain.

At Stratford Festival's 1997 season Cynthia is acclaimed for her role as Guinevere in Camelot and Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew. In 1998 season she took on roles of Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker and Aldonza in Man of La Mancha. The same year CBC aired Dale's special Cynthia!, where she demonstrated her infinite talent for singing and dancing. But most importantly that year she married Peter Mansbridge in a quiet little ceremony in a Maritime inn, and later had a son, Will, with him.

After taking a break(having a son Will) Cynthia returned to theatre in 2001 with a stunning performance as Maria in Stratford's The Sound of Music. Her performance alongside Street Legal co-star, C. David Johnson, was referred to as a "good-looking, well-acted, incredible-sounding treat". In 2002 she appeared in play Syncopation with Geordie Johnson. At 50th anniversary of Stratford Festival, Dale took on a role of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Cynthia has also found time to show off her talent in the first CD – "Cynthia Dale…To Dream".