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  • Multitalented, beautiful, generous, intelligent, and greatly loved actress. A true testament of how great a talent Canada can produce.

    Having been in showbiz since the age of 5, Cynthia Dale has shown herself a versatile and tireless talent. She dances, sings, and acts, and excels in everything she does. She's best known for her work on Street Legal but if you want to enjoy the true depth of her talent try checking out one of her theatre performances. She brings intelligence and feeling to every role. Her happiness on the stage and her thrill and enjoyment of performing, especially when she dances, is greatly infectious and will enhance appreciation of any show. She is always able to create a magical chemistry with her co-stars and seems to share her energy with the rest of the cast. Her voice is strong and sensual, and her love of song seems to fill every note with feeling. All in all a wonderful and don’t forget gorgeous actress!