Cynthia Daniel

Cynthia Daniel


3/17/1976, Gainsville, Florida

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On March 17, 1976, blond haired, blue-eyed Cynthia was born to parents C.B. and Carolyn Daniel, five minutes after her twin sister Brittany. Along with Brittany and their older brother Brad, she grew up in the small Florida town of Gainesville.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She especially enjoys running and surfing.

    • Her favorite singer is Sheryl Crow.

    • She loves the University of Florida Gators team.

    • Meg Ryan is her all-time favorite actress.

    • She loves the "Sweet Valley High" books. She could relate to them being a twin herself and was especially honored to appear in the TV series.

    • Her favorite TV shows are "Seinfeld," "Party of Five" and "My So-Called Life."

    • Her nicknames are "Cyn" and"Lu Lu."

    • Although Cynthia herself played "the good twin" Elizabeth Wakefield on the "Sweet Valley High" TV show, she is quick to point out she is much more like Jessica Wakefield--the evil twin. Not only was she a cheerleader in high school, but is far more wild and spontaneous than her own twin sister Brittany.

    • Her very last on-screen appearance was on her sisters show "That '80's Show" as Bianca, Sophia's sister who is now getting married, but then is abandoned. She appears over the closing credits. Sophia calls her sister "an ugly troll." And the joke is she looks exactly the same as Sophia.

    • Cynthia is a vegetarian.

    • Her father, C.B. Daniel, was running for Mayor of her hometown of Gainesville, Florida in 2004.

    • She starred in The Baketball Diaries as Winkie, in 1995.

    • Cynthia is now a professional photographer.

    • Her twin sister, Brittany, is 5 minutes older and an inch shorter then her.

    • Has two sons with husband/actor Cole Hauser. Ryland Hauser, born in September 2004 and Colt Daniel Hauser born June 12, 2008. Both boys were born in California.

    • She has been in a commercial for McDonalds in 1997. She later was in a commercial for Biore Cleansing Cloths in 2001.

    • She and her sister, Brittany Daniel won the young artist award for Best Performance: Young Actress in a TV Comedy Series for their amazing performances in Sweet Valley High.

    • She was a cheerleader in high school.

    • Cynthia and her sister Brittany have matching tattoos of miniature twins holding hands on their left big toe. Cynthia's tattoo has the letters B & C above it, and Brittany's has a C & B.

    • She played Liz Wakefield in the hit teen program, Sweet Valley High because the director, Francine Pascal thought that she looked more innocent than her twin Brittany on camera.

    • She appeared in a shaving gel advert where a man is shaving while driving through a car wash.

  • Quotes

    • Cynthia Daniel: (on appearing on Sweet Valley High) I've kissed so many boys on this show!
      Cynthia Daniel: I decided to pursue photography because I love it so much more than acting. I still do commercials which fills that acting urge.
      Cynthia Daniel: I'm taking a photography class. And I love it. I never get out because they don't let me at work.

    • Cynthia Daniel: I decided to pursue photography because I love it so much more than acting. I still do commercials which fills that acting urge.

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