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  • Yeah I said it **Might Contain Spoilers**

    Now I have written many reviews on these Carnivale stars, and I am proud to be first here. What I am going off of is the first season. She plays Rita Sue, a cooch dancer and prostitute. Now some of you might be asking, how hard is it to take off your clothing and dance around, why her role was much much more than that.

    Her character was minor in the first two episodes of the late Carnivale, but luckily that all chanced in the episode where her daughter was killed. It brought life to this hooker. The things that followed showed her true acting ability as she had to play a hurt mother in a horrible marriage with a drunk, named Stumpy. Stumpy thinks its a good idea to have his good friend sleep with his wife, well Rita falls in love with him. This is where she shines brighter than anything, being stuck in the middle of two loves, while also having to seem normal in the midst of a tight knit group of the Carnivale.

    I would love to see her in anything now that I have seen how great she can be here.