Cynthia Stevenson

Cynthia Stevenson


8/2/1962, Piedmont, California, USA

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Cynthia Stephenson
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Cynthia Stevenson is a well known face in drama as well as comedy TV shows and movies. She began her carrier in amateur theater until an agent discovered her and she was casted for the comedy series "Off the wall". After this she guest-starred in sitcom classics such…more


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  • Obviously gifted, but sadly much underutilized talent!

    I've watched Cynthia Stevenson in various roles as far back as the 'Cheers' series, and always admired her acting. For me, if an actor or actress, given just the tiniest bit of opportunity to work an episode or movie, is still one of the most memorable characters (or their scenes are the ones that make me like the show at all), I have to acknowledge their talent. I'm often amazed that the casting directors don't see and hire such shining craftsmen/women.

    Stevenson has done fine work in 'Ally McBeal', 'Monk', very notably, 'Dead Like Me', 'The L Word', and as of this writing (Feb. 2007), she has a great role on 'Men In Trees'. I always look forward to the scenes in which she appears.

    Though she seems to be cast fairly often as a very high-strung character, and clearly has her strongest roots in comedic acting, I truly sense she has a much broader range, and I anxiously await additional chances to see this actress really spread her wings.moreless