Cynthia Watros

Cynthia Watros


9/2/1968, Lake Orion, Michigan

Birth Name

Cynthia Michele Watros



Also Known As

Cynthia M. Watros
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Cynthia Watros (born September 2, 1968 in Lake Orion, Michigan) is an American actress. She initially became known for her role as Annie Dutton on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light from 1994 to 1998. Watros' character began as a heroine, but she gained notice and critical acclaim…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Cynthia's height is 5' 7½" (1.71 m).

    • After her departure from Lost, she filmed a CBS pilot titled My Ex-Life, where she played the ex-wife of a character played by Tom Cavanagh. However, the pilot was not chosen to be on the CBS fall schedule.

    • She enjoys skiing and dancing.

    • In 2007, she appeared in the film Frank as Jennifer York.

    • She and her Lost co-star Michelle Rodriguez were each pulled over and arrested on the morning of December 1, 2005 in Kailua, Hawaii, and were charged with drunk driving. At trial, Watros plead guilty payed a fine and went into counseling. Five months later both characters in the show were killed, leading some fans and TV pundits to suggest it was punishment for their arrests. Rodriguez and the producers have denied this, saying it was to be so from the beginning.

    • Despite the fact that her character Libby has been killed in Lost, producers insist that she will still be seen in flashbacks in the third season.

    • She plead guilty to drunken driving in Hawaii on January 12, 2006.

    • Throughout the latter part of season two of Titus she was pregnant with twins, but her character Erin was not meant to be pregnant. This was often disguised by having her standing behind objects, holding things in front of her (flowers, pillows, wedding dresses in garment bags), being filmed from above the waist, wearing dark clothes, as well as a plot line that involved her character being in a wheelchair.

    • She attended Macomb Community College in Macomb County, Michigan and then the Boston University School for the Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

    • Cynthia's parents divorced when she was age 7. Her father, Bruce, is an electrical engineer. Her mother, Nancy, is a legal secretary. She has an older brother, Steven, who is also an electrical engineer.

    • Her husband, Curt, whom she married in 1996 is a Los Angeles restaurateur.

    • Before The Drew Carey Show she was best known for her role of Annie Dutton in The Guiding Light.

    • She is still remembered for her role of Annie in The Guiding Light and it was that role that made her famous. She mentioned in an interview that she misses the role of Annie and that maybe someday she will return in the role of Annie since they offered her the role many times after she left the role. She mentioned that they left the door open for her and that even though the role was played briefly by Signy Coleman, that Cynthia could return in the role someday, sometime, somehow that anything could happen in a soap opera.

    • She appeared on Another World as a temporary replacement for Jensen Buchanan who had injured her leg.

    • She won the Emmy Award For her role of Annie Dutton in The Guiding Light in 1998. She played the role for four seasons.

  • Quotes

  • It was nice to see a fresh face to the show.

    For my review on Cynthia Watros, I am going to review her work on the hit ABC evening television show “Lost”.

    Cynthia Watros who plays Libby on the 18M per episode show, appears as a survivor from the tail end of the plane – which it was believed that no-one had survived. After a trek along the island with a few other survivors she meets up with the rest of the cast-away’s, including television hotties “Evangeline Lilly” and “Maggie Grace” woman candy “Matthew Fox” and “Josh Holloway”.

    Since she was cast on the show, it appears as if she hasn’t really become a main focus on the show. Personally, I believe that the star is underrated and deserves some spicier roles on the show.

    Playing the biggest part yet on the show in it’s most recently aired episode “Dave” we see her true talent and complete compatibility with her co-star “Jorge Garcia” who plays Hurley.

    I would like to see Cynthia receive her own episodes in the recently commissioned third season of the show. She has proven herself able to handle the part and is ‘classed’ as one of the main characters, even though she is not one of the most well known.

    It is believed however, that she will soon get her flashback episode in the third season and sources say that as the relationship between Libby and Hurley the storyline becomes just so much more interesting.

    I wish Cynthia the best luck in the future, not just with Lost but all shows and opportunities that will come her way after this show ends.

  • Cynthia, you are one of a kind

    Cynthia is one of the most beautiful actresses. When she was on the Drew Carry Show, she was amazing. looks, voice, personality. She has an amazing and sexy body which most men would find fantastic. She should have her own series beause she is a talented actresses. That said I will say no more.