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  • It was nice to see a fresh face to the show.

    For my review on Cynthia Watros, I am going to review her work on the hit ABC evening television show “Lost”.

    Cynthia Watros who plays Libby on the 18M per episode show, appears as a survivor from the tail end of the plane – which it was believed that no-one had survived. After a trek along the island with a few other survivors she meets up with the rest of the cast-away’s, including television hotties “Evangeline Lilly” and “Maggie Grace” woman candy “Matthew Fox” and “Josh Holloway”.

    Since she was cast on the show, it appears as if she hasn’t really become a main focus on the show. Personally, I believe that the star is underrated and deserves some spicier roles on the show.

    Playing the biggest part yet on the show in it’s most recently aired episode “Dave” we see her true talent and complete compatibility with her co-star “Jorge Garcia” who plays Hurley.

    I would like to see Cynthia receive her own episodes in the recently commissioned third season of the show. She has proven herself able to handle the part and is ‘classed’ as one of the main characters, even though she is not one of the most well known.

    It is believed however, that she will soon get her flashback episode in the third season and sources say that as the relationship between Libby and Hurley the storyline becomes just so much more interesting.

    I wish Cynthia the best luck in the future, not just with Lost but all shows and opportunities that will come her way after this show ends.