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D.B. Sweeney Trivia


  • Trivia

    • D.B. is 6' (1.83 m) tall.

    • D.B. co-wrote the movie "Dirt Nap" with Brian Currie. He also directed, starred and was a producer of the movie.

    • D.B. attended Shoreham-Wading River High School in Shoreham, NY.

    • For the movie "Dirt Nap" D.B. has won a Best Director Award from the Boston International Film Festival, a Festival Director's Award from Method Fest and Best Feature from the Savannah Film and Video Festival.

    • While living in Vancouver and filming the TV series Strange Luck D.B was roommates with hockey player Bret Hedican. Hedican and some of his fellow Vancouver Canucks appeared in an episode of Strange Luck as extras.

    • In 1985 D.B. received a Bachlor of Fine Arts degree in Drama from the Tisch School of the Arts in New York.

    • D.B. spent two months learning to figure skate for his part in the movie "The Cutting Edge".

    • D.B. is married to Ashley Vachon; they have one child.

    • D.B. has two sisters, Kathleen and Barbara, and one brother, and Tommy.

    • D.B. initially went by Danny Sweeney, he had to change his name when he found there was as actor with the same name.

  • Quotes

    • D.B.: (On his part in the movie Dinosaur) When I initially got involved with the project, I had just asked my agent to get me into any Disney animated movie. I didn't expect to be given the main role in the biggest movie Disney has ever done. I would have been very happy to be the third horse on the right in whatever movie they were doing. So it was all bonus for me to find out what an elaborate production it was and what a great character I got to play. Plus, it is really fun to know that you're a friend to all these kids for a long time and I have a couple of young nieces who I knew would be excited if they could say I was the voice to one of the dinosaurs. In a way you're immortalized to young people.

    • D.B.: I really enjoyed the character, Chance Harper, but the head writer wasn't very experienced. It's such a hard world to compete in, so as a result if one person isn't focused it filters on down, and the cast and crew suffers. We did some really good episodes, but the writing just wasn't there. I really liked that character.

    • D.B.: (Answering the question what does DB stand for) When I'm on the golf course it's a Double Bogey. In England it's Dangerous Bloke. My mom and dad think it's Daniel Bernard. There are several other unprintable versions of it.

    • D.B.: Well, Steve McQueen, Humphrey Bogart, later on Harrison Ford, I love Ed Harris. The actors I follow now are Ed Harris and Gary Sinise. I also love Peter Gallagher. He has the curse of a too-perfect face. Too perfect.

    • D.B.: When I popped out of my mom, I actually tried to pretend I was a vacuum cleaner salesman and tried to go back to sleep. I guess you could say I was acting from the very beginning.

    • D.B.: (On getting into acting) It is a very tough profession to crack into. It can be difficult when you really want a part and get rejected, or worse, when they don't even let you audition. The actors that everyone is talking about get offered the best parts. I try not to make it the most important thing in my life. I'm interested in other things.

    • D.B.: (About the movie Dirt Nap) This film just feels like three guys on a road trip behaving badly and learning to appreciate each other. It was important to me that they would seem like three guys who have known each other for 30 years, not three guys who just met out by the Winnebagos a week ago.

    • D.B.: A lot of times in the movies I don't believe that a certain guy is with a certain beautiful girl -- these guys have these wildly improbable love interests. Not only because of reasons of attractiveness, but because of being different kinds of people.

    • D.B.: Francis is so very open and supportive, and he treats his film as a true collaboration. In fact, I enjoyed working on Gardens of Stone so much I dreaded the day it would end, knowing that I'd have to go on to work with a mortal 'director' again.