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3/25/1985, Belgium

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D.H.T (Dance. House. Trance) is a Belgian band consisting of only two members. Edme Daenen (who was born March 25, 1985) and Flor Theeuwes (who was born July 28, 1976). Their most famous song is "Listen To Your Heart", which was originally recorded by Roxette. The track reached…more


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  • Such amazing music.

    I love D.H.T so much. One of my absolute favourite kinds of music is electronica and dance. Their songs are so awesome, and Edmee really expresses her emotions when she sings. She has such a beautiful voice. She's like an alto version of Kelly Clarkson.

    The songs on D.H.T's album "Listen to Your Heart" are very powerful, especially "My Dream." I can very easily relate to that song as it is also my dream as well.

    Another song I love is "Depressed." My very best friend relates to that song, because she is depressed. She loves finding songs she relates to, and so do I.

    I also love "Listen to Your Heart." I love the unplugged version. The very first time I heard it was when my best friend sang it for me. I nearly cried when I heard that song.

    I absolutely love D.H.T. I can't wait until they release a new album.moreless
  • I love D.H.T! They rock!

    D.H.T is one of my favorite singing groups... uh... duos. I especially like the lead singer, Edmee. She has a beautiful voice! And, the guy (I can't remember his name) is gorgeous! He's so cute!

    When I first heard their song "Listen to Your Heart (Edmee's Unplugged Version)" on the radio, I wanted to hear it again. And, every time I did, I would cry my eyes out! It's such a beautiful song!

    And, my friend, Brittany, from college, has the CD. She let me barrow it, so I could copy it. Now, I have the CD, and it is one of the best CD's in the world! I can't wait until their second album.moreless