D.J. MacHale

D.J. MacHale


3/11/1956, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

Donald James MacHale



Also Known As

Donald James, D.J. MacHale
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Donald James MacHale is born on March 11, 1956 in Greenwich, Connecticut. He is the American writer, director, and executive producer. As he got more famous, he used the pen name D.J. MacHale. He wrote the books "Are You Afraid of the Dark" and the "Pendragon" series. They…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • This guy rocks at writing!

    I never really watched Are you afraid of the Dark(don't even think it was still on when i was a kid, I'm onlyy 14.) But I'm a big fan of the book series Pendragon! From The Never War, to The Rivers of Zadda, to Raven Rise! Even though i'm almost done with the series (i'm on book #7), i've great and awesome things about the other books, and it seems(well I already know my next opinion)that D.J. MacHale is an awesome writer! I've heard of some of his new books that will be coming out(including The Soldiers of Halla!) and all of them sound great! D.J. MacHale has acually inspired me(and my girlfriend) to become writers together! I hope atleast some of you will give Pendragon and any other thing D.J. MacHale related!moreless
  • A great story writer

    D.J MacHale is one of the best story writers, directors, and producers in the world. i really mean that. that is because he has written many successful stories. he also has many successful tv shows that were from his books. he was writen and produced the Pendragon series and are you afraid of the dark. so i really think that most people liked are you afraid of the dark. it was a show that i always watched when i was younger and when it was on. so i think that he has a great future for him.

    Overall, he is one great person.moreless